• b00948


LCD2004 2004A 20×4 Character LCD Display Module

PIN1 GND Connect to 0V
PIN2 VCC Connected to 4.8V-5V
PIN3 V0 Grounding resistance 470-2K
PIN4 RS RS=0, instruction register; RS=1, data register
PIN5 R/W R/W=0, write; R/W=1, read
PIN6 E Allowable signal
PIN7 D0 Data 0
PIN8 D1 Data 1
PIN9 D2 Data 2
PIN10 D3 Data 3
PIN11 D4 Data 4
PIN12 D5 Data 5
PIN13 D6 Data 6
PIN14 D7 Data 7
PIN15 LED+ Backlight positive, connect 4.8V – 5V
PIN16 LED- Backlit negative, connected to 0V


Driver chip KS0066 (compatible with HD44780)
Backlight Yellow light / blue light
Word color black White
Font library ASCII code font (English, numbers, basic symbols)
Types of STN
LCD module size (mm) 98 * 60 * 13.5