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In-stock items ship next business day!

BFKB108ILBK2 Illumination Gaming Keyboard "Death Illuminator"

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Original price ¥4,950
¥4,950 - ¥4,950
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Since its release in 2016, the gaming keyboard "Death Illuminator" with illumination function for entry users, which has been welcomed by many users as a standard product, has finally undergone a model change.

Affordable price, essential performance, and impactful name and appearance――――
While maintaining the product features inherited from the previous generation, it has been upgraded to specifications that can compete in the 2020s. Features not found in general keyboards, such as simultaneous recognition of multiple keys centered on keys often used in games and LED illumination that colors play with various lighting methods, support your gaming life.

・Simultaneous recognition of area-limited multiple keys, which is essential for games such as FPS.

Equipped with an area limited multiple key simultaneous recognition function centered on keys frequently used in FPS.

There are no input omissions or delays that tend to occur with general keyboards that can only recognize up to 2 to 3 keys.

Supports a wide range of areas and supports key settings such as ESDF.

・Updated LED illumination that colors the play.

The biggest feature of Death Illuminator, which is equipped with LED illumination while being an entry model, is further powered up.

The backlight LED that shines more beautifully and more vividly creates a gaming life.

Let's color the victory freely with customization according to your mood, such as multiple automatic lighting styles such as wave, blessing, spectrum, and partial color change function in increments of 6.

・Cylindrical step sculpture method that conquers the royal road.

The Cylindrical Step Sculpture method, which has long been popular with PC users, is used.

The shape and placement of the keys fit your fingers for more accurate and comfortable keystrokes.

・Win key lock to prevent erroneous operation supports comfortable play.

Equipped with a Win key lock function to prevent fatal situations caused by erroneous operations during games.

By simply performing the lock switching operation before and after playing, you have one less thing to worry about.

・Good news for expert gamers, equipped with a "WASD" and "direction key" swap function.

Equipped with a function to replace the "WASD keys" and "direction keys" that are often used for movement in games.

The hardware supports the replacement of these keys, which may not be changed depending on the title.

・Steel chassis with rubber tilt stand, durability of 20 million keystrokes, etc.

The promise of gaming grade is that it responds firmly to hard operations.

The steel chassis that enhances the sense of rigidity prevents uncomfortable sinking when typing and supports a comfortable input environment.

Robust specifications without compromising durability, such as a tilt stand with rubber and a membrane switch that boasts a durability performance of 200 million times of input.

*The listed part performance is the performance of a single part and does not guarantee the product life.


[Supported OS] Japanese OS: DOS/V PC with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8

[Compatible models] Models that have a USB port as standard and that the computer manufacturer guarantees the operation of the USB port on the above compatible OS. (Some models are not compatible)

[Corresponding interface standard] USB 1.1 (type A connector)

[Key switch method] Membrane

[Key pitch] 19mm

[Keystroke] 4±0.5mm

[Push characteristics] Approx. 55g±10g

[Interlock] Area limited multiple presses at the same time

[Key durability performance] Approximately 20 million times *Performance of the switch alone

[Number of keys] 108 Japanese, no kana notation [Cable length] Approx. 1.6m

[Body dimensions] W423 x D135 x H36mm

[Weight] Approx. 900g (including cable)

[Operating environment: temperature] 0 to 45°C, humidity 10 to 60% (no condensation)

[Accessories] 1 copy of instruction manual, 1 copy of warranty [Country of origin] Made in China

[Warranty period] 6 months from purchase