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ADRSSS General Purpose USB Connected 7 Segment LED Control Board

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Title: ADRSSSDMS small 7 segment + control board

Release date 2019/08/28

The number of visitors, the number of votes, the number of deals, etc. Would you like to make a strong appeal with a 7-segment LED that is unique to your company and that you want to stand out at your exhibition booth? Using this board, which can control a large 7 segment with a PC, it is possible to display various quantities such as the number of visitors detected by the sensor and the number of button presses. Large, medium, and small 7 segments are guaranteed to operate continuously up to 10 digits. It will be a great accent to color your exhibition booth.

・It is possible to stack and control large 7-segment LED display boards with serial signal connection!

The display can be controlled by connecting the 7-segment LED to a PC through this board via USB. Operation is guaranteed for stack connections up to 10 digits, and large-scale count display is possible. Of course, the display contents can be freely controlled from a PC. It can be used for various purposes such as automatic counting using sensors and displaying the number of inputs such as buttons.

The control DLL library and samples are also available.

・Selectable LED size 2.3/3/5 inches (57mm/75mm/126mm)

Along with the release of this board, 7-segment LEDs are available in three different sizes. It is also possible to connect different sizes, and the display can be customized according to the installation environment.


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・Stable LED display by static drive

Suppresses LED flickering and enables display with stable light intensity.

please note!

General knowledge of electronic work and electronic circuits is required to use this product.

Basic specifications Control board [Power supply] ・Voltage: DC15V ・Current consumption (control part only): Around 150mA ・Current consumption (per 1 digit of display part): Around 150mA (common to 2.3 inch/3 inch/5 inch) ・DC jack : Outer diameter 5.5mm/Inner diameter 2.1mm, center plus *The product does not come with an AC adapter. Please prepare separately.

[Output] ・Power supply for LED ・Power supply for logic ・Control signal ・Connector: Pin socket 1X7

[Interface] USB MICRO B [Dimensions] 30 x 98 x 13 mm (not including protrusions on the soldering surface and sides) [Weight] Approx. 15 g [Operating temperature] 0 to 40°C (no condensation) IN JAPAN

■Display [Power supply] ・Voltage: DC15V (LED), DC5V (logic) *Supplied from control unit

[Input/output] Each ・Power supply for LED ・Power supply for logic ・Control signal ・Connector: Pin header 1X7

[Dimensions] ADDMS: 48 X 98 X 17 mm (without side protrusions) ADDMM: 65 X 98 X 17 mm (without side protrusions) ADDML: 105 X 152 X 20 mm (without side protrusions) not included) *The height of the display part is the sum of the maximum height of the component surface, the maximum height of the solder surface, and the board thickness.

[Weight] ・ADDMS: 0.05 kg ・ADDMM: 0.08 kg ・ADDML: 0.22 kg

[Operating temperature] 0 to 40°C (no condensation) [Country of origin] MADE IN JAPAN

Display unit single character height 2.3 inches / 57mm Model number: ADDMS JAN: 4562469773025 Display unit single character height 3 inches / 75mm Model number: ADDMM? ADDML? ? ? ?JAN:4562469773049

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