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ADULEDB General Purpose USB Connected LED Control Board

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Release date 2019/08/28

"I want to adjust the LED light according to the movement of customers and the flow of the exhibition..."
This LED control module is useful in such cases.
You can simultaneously control 10 channels of tape LEDs, LED panels, etc. from a USB-connected PC.
・Sensors detect the customer's walking and light up the tape LED according to the progress ・Synchronize the progress of the guide video with the LED panel in the exhibition section ・Use the LED light to guide the customer's line of sight to the point they want to focus on at that time, etc. , can be used in a variety of ways.
Take your trade show booth to the next level with a colorful display.

Product features

Fine adjustment of LED is possible!

It is possible to finely control the brightness of the LEDs individually from the application or to blink them at high speed.
A 32-bit microcomputer is used for PWM control to achieve lighting without flickering.
The set brightness is reflected immediately.

By inputting various sensor values ​​into a PC, LED control according to sensor values ​​is possible! (program development required)

By using the sensor reaction as a trigger for LED control, the LED can be controlled according to various situations.

・Enriched usability such as control application, library sample, and pattern control with CSV file

Released a control application for Windows. Easy control of LEDs just by connecting.
Since it also supports pattern lighting in CSV files, it is possible to use various patterns properly.
In addition, libraries and samples are released for those who are thinking about creating programs. (VC++, C#, VB)
You can freely create LED control programs.
Firmware for connecting multiple units that allows simultaneous use of up to 5 units is also available.

Can be used in a commercially available case.

The board size is made according to the case size.
The corresponding cases are as follows.
Usable cases: PF10-4-10D, PF10-4-10W, PFF10-4-10W (Takachi Electric Industry)
*Case is not included. In addition, drilling by the user is required.

please note!

General knowledge of electronic work and electronic circuits is required to use this product.
LED body is not included.
External power supply for LED lighting is not included.

Basic specifications [Input]
LED power supply:
・External (DC15V or less) or USB supply (DC5V) can be selected (switched with a jumper pin on the board)
- Either a DC jack or a terminal block can be used for the external power supply (pay attention to the polarity).
DC jack: outer diameter 5.5mm/inner diameter 2.1mm, center plus Connect this product to the USB port of your PC Body power supply: Supplied from USB [LED output]
Sink type (open drain)
LED power supply (positive electrode)
Terminal: Through hole (2.54mm pitch, 2X10)
*The LED must be directly soldered to the through-hole. *Commercially available pin headers can be attached (soldering is required, and the pin headers must be prepared by the user).
[LED specifications]
・When using an external power supply: voltage 15 V or less, current 1 A or less ・When using a USB power supply (DC 5 V): current 50 mA or less *Be sure to use an LED with a current limiting resistor. I have)
[Peripheral functions] Infrared receiver, LED, buzzer [Interface] USB B
[Body dimensions] 67 x 94.4 x 13 mm (excluding protrusions on the solder side)
[Weight] about 30g
[Operating temperature] 0 to 40°C (no condensation)
[Country of origin] Made in Japan

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