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AD00003 Automotive Digital Speedometer/Red (Kit)

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This is an assembly kit that allows you to make your own meter that reads the speed sensor pulse of an automobile and displays it digitally.
The speed is displayed in an impressive red color.

7-segment LED ensures high visibility

The speed display uses an ultra-bright red 7-segment LED to ensure high visibility and design.
Furthermore, since only the display part can be separated, it is possible to flexibly change the mounting position on the car such as on the dashboard.

The display and control are separated, and the head-up display system is also supported.

Digital speedometer_running image It can be installed on the dashboard! Installed in the president's car, Lancer Evolution!

With maximum speed hold function

When the maximum speed is reached, the display LED lights up to inform the driver of the maximum speed.
Also, you can check the maximum speed held by switch operation.

Flexible pulse response by changing settings enables compatibility with a variety of vehicle types

Speed ​​sensors for automobiles usually generate different number of pulses depending on the type of vehicle.
It can handle all generated pulse numbers specified by JIS-D5601, and can be used in almost all vehicle models currently in circulation.

Further upgradeable with LED bar graphing kit

Digital speedometer LED bar graphing kit
By adding an LED bar graph kit, which is a separate upgrade kit, you can use it as a speedometer or a tachometer by acquiring input from pulse signals such as "engine rotation signal" and "vehicle speed signal".

Product Specifications

    • Product Name: Automotive Digital Speedometer Kit Red

    • Product model number: AD00003

    • Display Color: Red

    • Correspondence speed: 0km/h - 999km/h

    • Maximum speed hold function: Yes

    • Display board size: W59 x D26 x H23mm (without protrusions)

    • Control board size: W59 x D63 x H25mm (without protrusions)

    • Weight: about 38g (excluding cable)

    • Package Contents: Complete Kit Parts/Manual

    • Separately available: Soldering iron set/nipper/wire stripper (recommended tools)

    • JAN code: Kit version 4560196900165

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