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I make an outstanding performance at an event! A mysterious BOX that converts switches and other devices to USB

Easy to connect, easy to install!
You can easily make a USB connection switch by simply connecting the wire to the terminal block with a flathead screwdriver.
In addition to event venues such as exhibitions and cultural festivals, amusement equipment etc.
Useful when you want to connect a switch or sensor to your computer!
Other than rental PCs and designated software where drivers cannot be installed,
It is also a great feature that it can be used on a company's computer where installation is prohibited.

Connect up to 4 switches or sensors

001_1-Pix Up to 4 switches and sensors can be connected to this product.
Using the Windows setting software, the keyboard, mouse,
Inputs such as joysticks can be assigned.

(The installation example image is of a conventional product. The exterior is different.)

Mouse/keyboard/joypad functions can be assigned using the simple setting tool.

The settings for each operation are made using dedicated Windows software with an intuitively usable interface, so anyone can easily set them. Since the setting is saved inside the USB DELEGATER,
Once set up, it can be used on other computers as well.

Items that can be set with the setting tool Assignment to any key Left click/Right click/Wheel click/Mouse up/down/left/right/Wheel scroll up/down
X-axis/Y-axis (up/down/left/right)/Button 1 to Button 12

Easy connection with just a flathead screwdriver!


The connection with the switch opens the cover of the body,
Just connect the wire from the switch to the terminal block using a flathead screwdriver!
Connection is easy connection with only a flathead screwdriver.

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