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AD00010 Paste touch switch, round

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A "touch switch" module that responds to touch.
It can be pasted and used in various places.

"Capacitive touch switch module" that can be used as a switch that reacts just by touching it.
A new input interface that operates by "touching" by detecting changes in the capacitance of the sensor when a person touches it.
This is a capacitive touch switch module that can be used as a touch sensor (switch) immediately by simply connecting a power supply and a signal line.

10 yen coin size

A circular switch with a diameter of only 23 mm and the size of a 10-yen coin

The diameter of the switch is only 23mm, the size of a 10-yen coin, which is the perfect size to touch with your finger.

Free design with invisible switches

Since it is cylindrical and the upper part is a sensor, you can freely design the switch,
You can also hide the switch by sticking it on the back of a plastic case or acrylic plate.


Algorithm optimization achieves high detection capability

In this module, we have optimized the shape of the sensor part and the detection algorithm to achieve high detection capability.
As a result, it is easy to keep the other contact parts hygienic, which enables stable detection even when attached to the back side of a plastic case with a thickness of about 2 to 3 mm.

Can drive small relays

Since the output is an open collector,
It is also possible to replace the existing switch with this module and use it.
* Please use a small one with a coil current of about 30mA.

Product Specifications

  • Product name: Paste touch switch, circle

  • Product model number: AD00010

  • Touch sensor method: Capacitance type

  • Number of switches: 1

  • Switch operation: "Momentary/Alternate" can be switched

  • Output: Open collector (up to about 30mA)

  • Operating Voltage: 3V~12V

  • Wiring: Power supply (red/black)/signal wire (white)

  • Size: W23 x D23 x H10mm (no protrusions)

  • Packing contents: Main unit/Double-sided tape/Manual

  • JAN code: 4560196900035

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