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AD00013 ASOOVU USB Digital I/O (Kit)

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An expansion kit that supports 10 inputs and 8 outputs.
A wide variety of sample sources such as USB digital input/output and keyboard macros are also available.
It is also possible to connect a commercially available 5 mm pitch terminal block and easily draw out signals to the outside. (Terminal block sold separately)
* This product requires a separate ASOOVU USB (core).

Prepare various sample software

After assembly, we have prepared various sample software that can be used immediately. Of course, it comes with explanations, so you can easily create your own original firmware based on these sample software.

An example of sample source

[USB DIO] > [Firmware] [C# source]
You can input and output with PC software built in C#. No drivers required.

[LED Illumination] >? [Firmware]
Eight kinds of LED illuminations flow when I push S1-S8. Using PWM, the brightness of the LED is adjusted in 100 steps, so it changes very beautifully. You can speed up or slow down with S9/S10.

[USB early press judgment]>? [Firmware]
When you press S9/S10, early press judgment starts! From the moment all the LEDs light up, the person who pressed the keys S1 to S8 the earliest is judged. Press S9/S10 again to clear. This fast-press judgment is recognized as a 10-button USB joypad, and holds the button that was pressed quickly. (Of course, it can be used without connecting to a PC.)

[USB Keyboard Macro] >? [Firmware]
You can register 8 types of keyboard input strings in S1 to S8. (Write in advance in the farm) A series of inputs can be performed with one switch.

[Skeleton] >? [Firmware]
A skeleton for writing the original firmware. It's easy to start making from here.

These are examples.

For more detailed sample sources, go to the assembly disk GO!

Product Specifications

  • Product name: ASOOVU USB/digital input/output kit

  • Product model number: AD00013

  • Outer diameter: W59 x D72mm x H11mm (H23mm when ASOOVU USB docking)

  • Input Digital SW x 10

  • Output 5φ blue LED x 8

  • JAN code: 4560196900059

  • Supported OS Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

(Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries)

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