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AD00020 USB IR Remote Control (Kit)

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Remote control home appliances from a PC,
A multi-function kit that can control both by operating a computer with a remote control!

A multi-function kit that allows remote control of home appliances from a PC and control of a PC with a remote control.

Small size perfect for F*ck case

USB connection The infrared remote control kit can
It is a multi-functional electronic work kit with two functions of [operating a computer with a remote control].
After completion, it fits perfectly in the F*sk case, and in addition to the TV, it also supports the operation of the air conditioner.

You can use the buttons on the remote control as a USB mouse/keyboard.
It is a smart learning remote control kit with USB connection.

Up to 20 patterns can be stored in the main memory!

Once saved in the main unit, the settings are saved in memory and can be used on other PCs without special software or drivers.

It also supports the remote control of the air conditioner! !

You will be able to operate the air conditioner from your PC! (You cannot operate the PC with the remote control of the air conditioner.)
Operation has been confirmed with air conditioners made by the following manufacturers.
However, the remote control code differs depending on the model, and operation is not guaranteed for all models.
Please be aware of this before using.

(Compatible manufacturers)
Daikin/Sharp/Chofu/Panasonic (National)/Sanyo/Hitachi Toshiba/Corona/Fujitsu General/Funai/Mitsubishi Electric/Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Product Specifications

  • Product name: USB infrared remote control kit

  • Product model number: AD00020

  • I/O: Infrared LED/Infrared receiver module

  • Correspondence format: Consumer Electronics Association/NEC/SONY/Mitsubishi

  • Format interface: miniB

  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

  • Size: W67×D27×H8mm

  • Package Contents: Complete Kit Parts / Manual *USB cable is sold separately. (A: Please prepare a miniB type USB cable separately.)

  • Separately available: Soldering iron set? / Nippers

  • JAN code: 4560196900196

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