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AD00026 Current Feedback Amplifier (Kit)

SKU 4560196900325
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Original price ¥9,108
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This is a compact, high-quality "current feedback" amplifier kit that faithfully reproduces volume in all sound ranges without being affected by speaker impedance fluctuations.

Faithfully reproduces the input signal over the entire frequency range

Current feedback amplifiers are adjusted so that a constant output can be obtained with respect to changes in impedance, and by outputting appropriate output power for input signals at all frequencies, the lack of bass and treble seen in general voltage-driven amplifiers can be avoided. prevent shortages. The bass and treble that were not reproduced by conventional amplifiers are reproduced, and the input signal is faithfully reproduced in the entire range, allowing the speaker to demonstrate its original performance.

Product Specifications

  • Product name: Current Feedback Amplifier

  • Product number: Kit version AD00026

  • Input terminal: RCL (L/R)

  • Output terminal: Terminal

  • Output power: 0.5W + 0.5W (4Ω~16Ω)

  • Power supply: DC15V (power adapter included)

  • Size: W109 x D101 x H31mm (no protrusions)

  • Weight: about 219g

  • Package Contents: Complete Kit Parts/Power Adapter/Manual

  • Separately available: Soldering iron set/ Hex wrench? /RCA cable/Speaker cable

  • JAN code: Kit version 4560196900325

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