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AD00030 Capsule Speaker [Popopump] (Kit)

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Capsule speaker "Popopump" with a built-in amplifier that can be directly connected to the earphone terminal and carried around.
It uses the standard NJM386 audio amplifier IC, which is a standard among electronic work standards, making it ideal for beginners in electronic work!

Connect directly to the earphone terminal! Assemble and use immediately!

Popo Pump connects directly to the earphone terminal of a smartphone or portable music player,
As soon as you flip the switch, it starts ringing.
Of course, it is also possible to connect to a computer, so please enjoy connecting with your favorite device.

Comes with 3.5mm mini plug and 6.3mm plug Compatible with both large and small!

Other than general 3.5mm mini-plug, 6.3mm plug is attached,
With simple modification, you can enjoy a choice unique to an electronic work kit.

Easy assembly with pre-drilled special case included!

It is an electronic work kit that allows you to make your own mobile speaker that you can enjoy immediately after assembling. In addition to the dedicated board, it is an electronic work kit that comes with everything you need such as plugs, speakers, and a dedicated case with holes.
* Use a glue gun to fix the speaker and plug.

Intense distortion occurs by not mounting the resistor R3 on the board!
It can be modified into a smoky mini amplifier that can be directly connected to an electric guitar.

Just cut the resistance circled in red!

Modified and attached to an electric guitar!

Product Specifications

    • Product name: Capsule speaker [Popopump]

    • Product model number: AD00030

    • Input: 3.5mm mini plug or 6.3mm plug

    • Dedicated case size: height 64 x diameter 65 mm

    • Packing contents: Complete kit parts (Case color comes with either red / blue / yellow / green / secret) / manual

    • Separately available: Soldering iron set / 9V (square) battery / glue gun / nipper / reamer (when using a 6.3Φ plug)

    • JAN code: 4560196900363

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