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ADBSDIO Relay control and input monitoring from a smartphone or PC browser! "Browser Switch DIO"

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style: ADBSDIO browser switch DIO

In modern society, not only in factories and stores, but also in general households, there are many needs for monitoring various data such as environmental data such as temperature and humidity, seat occupancy, and human movement sensors.

Most of the current network-connected sensors and services connect to a cloud server and exchange data, but running costs are a major issue because maintenance on the cloud side is also required.

Therefore, "Browser Switch DIO" was born as a stand-alone IoT device that does not require a cloud server with a local web server function.

We have prepared two types of products: ADBSDIO with a DIN rail compatible case that is convenient for handling in the control panel, and ADBSDIOMB with only a board that is reasonable and easy to customize by eliminating the exterior.

Product features

・It is possible to check ON/OFF of the relay contact and HIGH/LOW of the insulation signal input from the browser without programming and without going through the cloud server.

Only by entering the IP address in the browser, you can monitor the ON/OFF of the relay contact and the isolation signal input.

You can also change the IP, MAC address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS server from the terminal. (with MAC address)

・Built-in web server function for low running cost

Having a web server function inside the main unit eliminates the need for a cloud server and enables low-cost operation without server maintenance costs.

・Open source hardware! Supports creation of original firmware capable of various operations

Circuit diagrams, design information, convenient deployment connection diagrams, application examples, etc. are available on the web.

This product is open source, so all sample programs can be modified.

In addition, it is ArduinoLeonardo compatible, so source writing is possible via USB.

please note!

To use this product, specialized knowledge of web services and electronic circuits is required.

Take measures against noise when connecting a device with a large amount of noise, such as a motor, to the relay contact. It may affect the operation of the main unit.

(*Cables are not included. Please prepare them separately.)

basic specifications

[Main IC] ATMEGA32U4 (ArduinoLeonardo compatible), W5500

[External interface] Wired LAN connector, USB Type-B, power input, 2 isolated signal inputs, 2 relay contact outputs

[Power supply] USB power supply 5V, power input part 8-26V

[power consumption] up to 5W

[Contact specifications] Power supply: M3 screw terminal, Input part: M3 screw terminal 2P 2 points, M3 screw terminal 2P 3 points, pin socket

[Insulated signal input rated voltage] DC5V~24V

[Relay contact rated voltage/current] AC 125V/3A, DC30V/3A

[Attachment] ADBSDIO DIN rail mounting plate, screw / ADBSDIOMB board spacer, nut

[Product weight]

With case: 232g

Without case: 106g

[Product size]

With case: W86 x H45 x D170 (not including DIN rail plate)

Without case: W75 x H37 x D162 (excluding spacer)

[Operating temperature] 0 to 40°C (no condensation)

[Warranty period] 1 year

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