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ADCQ1706BPRE Supports Raspberry Pi! USB oscilloscope

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10Msps high-speed A/D conversion by pipeline type A/D converter!

A USB oscilloscope that can be easily handled with a Raspberry Pi !

Product Summary

The Raspberry Pi's strengths, such as network functions, are left to the Raspberry Pi, and the Raspberry Pi is used as a high-performance component by combining it with a PIC microcomputer that excels in real-time performance. Utilizing the network function of the Raspberry Pi, it is possible to observe the waveform display from a browser such as a personal computer or smartphone, while utilizing the real-time performance of the PIC microcomputer, high-speed analog data capture, maximum 10Msps, high-speed A / D conversion with high resolution 12 bits is realized.


Product features

10Msps high-speed A/D conversion with pipeline type A/D converter.

By using a pipeline configuration for the conventional successive conversion comparator, the A/D conversion result is output every clock, enabling high-speed A/D conversion with a maximum resolution of 10Msps and 12 bits.

The Raspberry Pi can quickly log the measurement results, and the waveform can be observed on a browser such as a PC or smartphone via the network!

Raspberry Pi quickly logs the collected data.

Utilizing the network performance of the Raspberry Pi, it is also possible to output logs in addition to observing graphs and waveforms with a browser. (Log output function is for Windows version only)

Connect with USB ! Includes a serial conversion adapter

A serial conversion adapter is included as standard, allowing direct connection to a Raspberry Pi, PC, etc. via USB.

【please note】

Raspberry Pi is not included with this product.

Product Specifications

[Supported OS] Raspbian [Supported models] Raspberry Pi Model B+ / Raspberry Pi 2 Model B / Raspberry Pi 3 Model B /4B

[Input terminal] BNC connector for frequency measurement: 2 [Power supply] Power supply from Raspberry Pi 5V

[body weight] about 52g

[Size] W96 x D59 x H17mm (excluding protrusions)

[Accessories] 1 serial conversion adapter, 1 serial conversion cable, 1 part list, 1 warranty card (Raspberry Pi is not included)

[Assembled warranty period] 1 year from purchase

[Operating temperature] 0 to 40°C (no condensation)

[Country of origin] Made in Japan

Measurement performance specifications

[Sampling period] Maximum 4MHz

[Input] 2 channels DC to several 100 kHz Resolution 12 bits Input voltage; 10 mV to 300 mV

[Horizontal synchronization] 5 μs, 10 μs, 50 μs, 100 μs, 1 ms, 2 ms, 10 ms (time per division selectable)

[Display] 1-channel switching display Waveform display: 2000 x 4096 pixels

[Trigger] Rise/fall selection, level setting

———Notes on handling this product———

・For detailed usage, please refer to the June 2017 issue of Transistor Technology published by CQ Publishing.

・This product is for hobby use.

・The performance of the listed parts is the performance of the parts themselves, and does not guarantee the product life.

・Depending on your PC, Android and OS environment, you may not be able to use all functions.

・A separate internet environment is required to install the application software.

・Depending on some applications, the functions of this product may not be available.

・In the event that the customer suffers damage due to reasons attributable to our company in connection with the production/use of this product, we will compensate for the damage up to the sales price only for direct damage, and in any case damages exceeding the sales price. shall not compensate for

・Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement. Thank you for your understanding.

Other logos, system names, and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies and trademark holders.

*Raspberry Pi body, case and cables are not included.

Raspberry Pi is a registered trademark of the UK Raspberry Pi Foundation. Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Other logos, system names, and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies and trademark holders.

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