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ADCQ1708CPRE Supports Raspberry Pi! Wave Generator Assembled

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WP-Product introductionM26-ADCQ1708CP

10Hz ~ 20MHz sine wave, square wave, triangular wave and 0V ~ 4.095V DC signal can be output!

Wave Generator that can be easily handled with Raspberry Pi and Windows OS

The waveform generator Wave Generator can output sine waves, square waves, triangular waves from 10Hz to 20MHz and DC signals from 0V to 4.095V in 1mV steps. It is a waveform generator that can be used comfortably while having sufficient performance by enabling settings such as frequency setting and waveform selection from the browser. Furthermore, it is a high-performance product that can be used to create a frequency characteristic analyzer by combining it with our sister product, the level measurement board (model number: ADCQ1708DP/K). In addition to the kit version that allows you to enjoy the assembly process yourself, we also have pre-assembled versions available, which you can purchase according to your needs.

*Simple assembly/instruction manual and Windows application must be downloaded from our website.

Product features

12 -bit D/A converter built-in module adopted!

The dsPIC33EP64GS502, which has a built-in 12-bit resolution D/A converter for DC output, is used to output a maximum DC level of 4.095V through operational amplifier amplification, enabling DC output in 1mV increments.

Simultaneous output of waveform and DC is possible!

Either sine wave, square wave, or triangular wave can be output, and a DC level signal can also be output at the same time.

? Connect via USB ! Includes a serial conversion adapter

A serial conversion adapter is included as standard, allowing direct connection to a Raspberry Pi, PC, etc. via USB.

【please note】

・Internet environment is required for simple assembly, instruction manual and software download.

・Raspberry Pi is not included with this product.

[Measurement performance specifications]

The waveform can be sine wave, square wave or triangular wave, and DC level signal can be output at the same time.

[Waveform output: constant frequency]

Waveform type: sine wave only, sine wave + square wave, triangular wave only

Frequency: 10Hz ~ 20MHz Can be set in 1Hz increments

Output level: sine wave, triangle wave, max 4.5V PP (adjustable with variable resistor on board)

Square wave 3.3V TTL 0~5V

[Waveform output: Sweep]

Waveform type: sine wave, square wave, triangular wave

Frequency range: 10Hz to 20MHz, configurable in 1Hz increments

Step frequency: 1/10 or 1/100 step

Step interval: 10ms to 999ms, settable in 1ms increments

[DC output]

Voltage range: 0V~4.095V 1mV step

Product Specifications

[Supported OS] Raspbian [Supported models] Raspberry Pi Model B+ / Raspberry Pi 2 Model B / Raspberry Pi 3 Model B / 4B / DOS / V PC with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista

[Output terminal] BNC connector for sine wave/triangular wave output: 1 BNC connector for square wave output: 1 BNC connector for DC level output: 1

[Power supply] Power supply from Raspberry Pi or USB serial conversion adapter 5V

[body weight] about 60g

[Size] W100 x D75 x H13.5mm (excluding protrusions)

[Accessories] 1 serial conversion adapter (with 1 connection cable), 1 BNC-IC clip cable, 1 part list, 1 warranty card (Raspberry Pi is not included)

[Assembled warranty period] 1 year from purchase

[Operating temperature] 0 to 40°C (no condensation)

[Country of origin] Made in Japan

———Notes on handling this product———

・This product is for hobby use. Regarding kit products, we only provide support for missing or damaged accessory parts before assembly, and we do not support any problems after assembly.

・The performance of the listed parts is the performance of the parts themselves, and does not guarantee the product life.

・Depending on your PC, Android and OS environment, you may not be able to use all functions.

・A separate internet environment is required to install the application software.

・Depending on some applications, the functions of this product may not be available.

・In the event that the customer suffers damage due to reasons attributable to our company in connection with the production/use of this product, we will compensate for the damage up to the sales price only for direct damage, and in any case damages exceeding the sales price. shall not compensate for

・Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement. Thank you for your understanding.

Other logos, system names, and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies and trademark holders.

*Raspberry Pi body, case and cables are not included.

Raspberry Pi is a registered trademark of the UK Raspberry Pi Foundation. Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Other logos, system names, and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies and trademark holders.

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