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ADCQHR1702B How Radio Works No.1 Germanium Radio Kit

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Looking back on the history of radio evolution! CQ ham radio linked project

Make a score! How Radio Works No.1 Germanium Radio Kit

Convert the power of radio waves into voice! A nostalgic germanium radio that can be operated without a power supply is now available in Frisk size!
With just a few electronic components and no batteries, this mysterious radio continues to play without a power supply! !
Comes with a case (separate processing by the customer is required)

Looking back on the history of radio evolution! Make a score! How does radio work?

Radio has evolved to solve reception challenges. If we look back at the history of radio evolution, we can see the mechanism of detection.
In this kit series, germanium radio → straight radio → reflex radio → superheterodyne radio → DSP radio.

please note

This product does not include an external antenna. An external antenna connection is required for reception.


Receiving frequency: 535k ~ 1605kHz
Receiving method: Germanium diode AM detection Output: Ceramic earphone External antenna: Required power supply: No operating temperature: 0 to 40°C (no condensation)
Size: H68 x W38 x D15 (When completed: Protrusions are not covered)
Weight: about 35g
Package Contents: Complete Kit Parts/Parts List Separately Available: External Antenna/Soldering Iron Set/Nipper/Drill Country of Origin: Made in Japan

please note:

・This product requires an external antenna connection.
・If the customer suffers damages due to reasons attributable to our company in relation to the production/use of this kit, we will compensate for the damages up to the sales price only for direct damages, and in any case, damages exceeding the sales price. shall not compensate for
・Other product names and company names are generally registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
・Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement. Thank you for your understanding.

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