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ADCRKTR1 Arduino control introductory robot kit "KTR-1"

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Arduino control introductory robot kit "KTR-1" is a motor robot kit equipped with an Arduino compatible board.

Supervised by the robotics company "Kufushiya", which develops autonomous mobile robots and collaborative robots, it has become a robot kit that can be easily assembled and is ideal for desktop experiment learning.

Equipped with general-purpose input/output such as an ultrasonic sensor, you can learn basic operation control from Arduino.

The design materials have been released as open source, so they can be used as reference for learning and can be easily customized.

The explanatory materials are also available on the web, making it a perfect kit for teaching materials at schools and lectures.

Example of product use

・Electronic work basic teaching materials at school ・Introduction to Arduino learning

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Product features

Supervised by the robotics company "Kufushiya"! A robot kit that is an introduction to the forefront of robotics technology

Supervised by Kufuushiya, a robotics company that develops state-of-the-art autonomous mobile robots and collaborative robots.

It is designed to be easy to introduce as an introduction to learning robot control with Arduino.

No soldering required, can be assembled with just a screwdriver.

Publish design documents as open source hardware

Design materials are published as open source hardware that anyone can access.

It is possible to check the structure from the document and perform further customization.

Don't let Arduino beginners get lost! Publish video teaching materials on the Web

Web release of teaching materials for learning basic Arduino control using KTR-1.

Even if you have never touched an Arduino before, the content is such that you can try out a series of operations.

Low speed and easy to handle!

A low-speed gear motor is used to optimize benchtop experiments.

The energy-saving design allows experiments to be carried out easily.

please note!

Batteries are not included with this product. Please prepare separately.

  • Official name: Arduino control introductory robot kit "KTR-1"

basic specifications

[Built-in microcomputer] Pro micro compatible_ATmega32U4 5V/16MHz

[Equipped motor driver] DRV8832 compatible x 2

[external interface] USB MicroB

[Peripheral functions] Ultrasonic sensor (measurement distance 2-400 cm), piezoelectric speaker, LED x 2, semi-fixed resistor, tact switch x 2

[Power supply] AA alkaline battery x 3 (battery not included)

[Programming environment] Arduino IDE (supported OS Windows, MAC OS, etc.)

[Driver] DC3V_30RPM motor x2

[body weight] about 105g

[Body size] About W84 x H45 x D114mm

[Contents] Control board x 1, ball caster fixed board x 1

M2*17mm spacer x2, M2*12mm spacer x4, M2*5 screw x16, tire and gearbox x2, acrylic guard, USB communication cable

[Required separately] Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver

[Operating temperature] 0 to 40°C (no condensation)

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