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ADEC02 Capacitive Proximity Sensor Module

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This is a capacitive proximity sensor that operates when a person's hand, etc. approaches without touching it.
Unlike touch sensors, there is no need to touch.
Since it is a module format, you can easily test the operation of the proximity sensor.
It can also be used by pasting it on the back of an acrylic plate or glass, so it can be used for a variety of purposes.

It has an open collector output as an output, and can drive a relay etc. with the output of the sensor.
In addition, a sensitivity adjustment volume is installed to adjust the sensor sensitivity.

React switch without touching! Sensitivity distance about 50 to about 100mm

Since it is a capacitive proximity sensor, it has a wide range of sensitivity from about 50 (low sensitivity) to about 100 mm (high sensitivity), and it is possible to adjust the sensor sensitivity by operating the main unit volume.
*Varies depending on temperature, humidity, etc.

NPN output open collector

proximity sensor module

NPN output open collector, which is commonly used as the output type, is used.
Therefore, the sensor output can be used to drive a relay or the like.

Built-in operation indicator

The main body is equipped with an LED that indicates the operating status, and it is linked to the sensor output and lights up when the sensor is ON and goes out when it is OFF.
Once the sensor is turned ON, it will not turn OFF until it is slightly separated.

Name of each part

WP-Product introductionM05B-Proximity sensor module (part description)

Product Specifications

Product model number: ADEC02
Proximity sensor method: Capacitance Number of switches: 1
Connection method: PIN connection (GND, SOUT, VCC)
Standard sensitivity distance: about 50 (low sensitivity) to about 100 mm (high sensitivity) (varies depending on temperature, humidity, etc.)
Output: NPN output open collector Operating temperature: 0 to 40°C (no condensation)
Working voltage: 5V±10%
Size: W73 x D95 x H5mm (not including protrusions)
Package contents: 1 instruction manual Country of origin: Made in Japan

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