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ADFCS01 Capacitive Film Sensor Development Board

SKU 4562469770581
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The ultimate capacitive sensor! !
We can manufacture touch/proximity sensors with various conductors, including transparent films for sensors!

This is a sensor development board that allows you to verify and build various types of sensors based on changes in capacitance, such as proximity sensors that react when you approach them, touch sensors that react when you touch them, and more.
Using the monitor tool, you can adjust sensitivity, threshold value, etc. while watching changes in capacitance on the screen.

Bananas can also be used as sensors! ?

This is a sensor development board that allows you to test and build various types of sensors, such as proximity sensors that respond to changes in capacitance when you approach them, and touch sensors that respond to touch.
You can use various conductors as a proximity sensor depending on your ideas, such as the attached transparent film, canned coffee, bananas, etc.


Plenty of monitoring tools that can grasp the situation in real time

We have prepared a monitor tool that can display the sensor value in real time on the screen as a graph, and it is possible to set the sensitivity in 4 steps and the threshold in 255 steps, so that it can be adjusted to the optimum state according to the conductor used as the sensor and the environment. Is possible.


<<Things to prepare before using the product>>

A separate internet environment is required to install the setting application software.
A separate USB A-miniB cable is required to connect to a PC. A case is not included.

[Model number] ADFCS01
[JAN] 4562469770581

[Supported OS] Japanese version OS: DOS/V PC with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista™ [Supported models] Has a USB port as standard, and the PC manufacturer guarantees the operation of the USB port on the above supported OS model. (Some models are not supported.) NEC PC-9800 and PC-9821 series are not supported.
[Supported interface standard] USB 2.0 (type miniB connector) USB full speed mode [Number of sensor inputs] 1
[Threshold/sensitivity adjustment ] 4 levels of sensitivity, 255 levels of threshold
[Output] Digital output (0/5V) / UART output / LED lighting output [Operating power supply] DC jack: 5.1V to 12V USB: 5V
[Main body board dimensions] W40 x D51 x H12.5mm (excluding protrusions)
[Dimensions of transparent film for sensor] W100×D85×H0.1mm
[Substrate weight] About 15g
[Operating environment: temperature] 0 to 45°C, humidity 10 to 60% (no condensation)
[Warranty period] 6 months after purchase


You cannot choose the color of the alligator clip. The products and company names mentioned are generally registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies. You may not be able to use all functions depending on your PC and OS environment, and the device you operate. Based on the freedom that should be attributed to the responsibility of our company regarding the specifications of this product, if the customer suffers damage, we will compensate for the damage up to the sales price only for direct damage, and in any case, we will compensate the damage more than the sales price. shall not. Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement. Please be aware in advance.

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