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ADJTSB01 Linked to shell script magazine! Jetson & Pi Power Measurement Board

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Title: ADJTSB01 normal version

A checker expansion board that can display the power consumption of single board computers "Jetson Nano" and "Raspberry Pi".

This product was designed as a power measurement expansion board for single-board computers, which have become a hot topic in recent years, in order to meet the demands of a sustainable society.

Although it is a compact board, it supports GPIO terminals common to Jetson Nano and Raspberry Pi, so it can be connected to either device and operated as it is. Instantly view current power consumption with the onboard display. Furthermore, by outputting the log data to a file, it can be used in a variety of ways, such as displaying graphs on a PC. By connecting various sensors (sold separately) to the Grove terminal on the expansion board, it is possible to acquire ambient environment data and perform comprehensive power and operating environment checks.

Don't miss the single-board IoT platform, which will increase its presence in the future society, and the power measurement expansion board that will play a role in its construction.

Product application

Graph the power consumption you care about from the log Check the environment of the entire platform such as temperature and humidity in conjunction with sensors Analyze and check trends by accumulating data

I recommend this hotel

● Those who are concerned about power consumption during operation due to the improved performance of Jetson Nano and Raspberry Pi

● Those who want to measure power consumption when using a large amount of CPU or GPU resources for machine learning, etc.

● Those who want to display the measured values ​​of the sensor device connected to the Grove connector and the inference results of Jetson Nano machine learning on the on-board display.

Product features

Compact and high-performance power consumption checker board compatible with both Jetson Nano & Raspberry Pi

An expansion board for checking power consumption that meets the needs of the times.

By supporting GPIO terminals common to both Jetson Nano & Raspberry Pi devices, you can connect and operate as it is with either device. *

Equipped with various functions in a compact size equivalent to Raspberry Pi Zero.

* Due to the GPIO terminal characteristics of both devices, the connection direction is different.

Employs high-precision digital power monitor INA260, power consumption status can be displayed on the onboard display.

The main parts of this unit are the I/C-connected power monitor and the onboard organic EL display, which can be controlled by various programs on the system.

It is possible to display the measured power consumption data, machine learning inference data, etc. on the display. It is also possible to display graphs based on log data.

・ Various sensors (sold separately) can be connected from the Grove terminal on the board, and power can be supplied to the device from two types of power plugs.

Sensors connected to the Grove terminal can also be program-controlled via I?C connection. By using a temperature/humidity sensor, etc., it is possible to acquire environmental conditions as well.

Furthermore, the system can be operated by supplying power from the power plug on the board without using the power terminal of Jetson or Raspberry Pi. By connecting to another single board computer from the Grove terminal, you can also check the power consumption at system startup/shutdown.

please note!

General knowledge of electronic work and electronic circuits is required to use this product.

Also, general knowledge of handling Jetson Nano, Raspberry Pi, and working with Linux OS? (Cables are not included.)

Basic specifications [Operation check device]

Jetson Nano ・Jetson Nano Development Kit ・Jetson Nano Development Kit B01 ・Jetson Nano 2GB Development Kit
Raspberry Pi ・Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero W / 2B / 3B / 3B+ / 4B [Size?] W65 x D30 x H21mm

[Weight] about 16g
[Connector] 2.1 x 5.5 x 9.5mm DC plug, USB micro-B, Grove connector, 40-pin GPIO
[Power supply] 5V (2.1 x 5.5 x 9.5mm DC adapter, USB micro-B)
[Power consumption] 400μA
[Display size] Width: 128 x Height: 64 pixels
[Operating temperature] 0 ~ 40°C (no condensation)
[Warranty period] 1 year [Accessories] 1 warranty card [Country of origin] Made in Japan

Linked magazine information

Magazine name: Shell Script Magazine Vol.69 (December 2020 issue)

Release date: November 25, 2020

ISBN: 978-4-9048-0766-8

Price: 500 yen + tax Plate type: B5 (full color)

Number of pages: 100 pages (planned)


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