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ADKRBT Programming Learning Craft Kit "Remote Control Robo"

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Title: ADKRBT remote control robot

2019/08/26 Click here to download instructions and applications!

Remote control robot is a full-fledged programming robot kit for children who are oriented to programming learning.

It has excellent mobility with two motors and a ball caster, and the robot body, which can be easily assembled, is equipped with an Arduino Nano compatible board.

It supports programming with scratch apps and Arduino IDE, so you can easily experience the fun of moving.

It is highly expandable, and it is possible to combine various commercially available craft kits, sensors, and drive parts.

In addition to the included remote control, a joystick remote control is also available as an option sold separately.

Equipped with a remote control channel switching function, you can enjoy robot battles of up to 3 remote control robots.

Why don't you enjoy learning programming with "Remote Control Robo" designed to provide "a low-cost programming environment born in Japan"?

Product features

Robot kit for first time robot crafting and programming

[Case] ​​Craft using scissors and staples from the attached cardboard.

By having children think for themselves and make their favorite robots, they can develop their creativity and get a sense of accomplishment by making their own.

[Microcomputer unit] Equipped with an arduino Nano compatible board, it supports programming with scratch apps and arduino IDE.

Since all functions except the drive unit are integrated into one unit, it can be easily installed in a commercially available work kit.

[Driver] Easy assembly with a Phillips screwdriver. Two motors and a ball caster provide excellent maneuverability and turning performance.

Since the remote control robot is pre-programmed, it can be used not only as a teaching material for programming learning, but also as a remote control car kit that you can make yourself.

Compatible with remote control Robo dedicated scratch app and arduino IDE

A scratch application dedicated to remote control robots is available.

Just click the blocks in the app to operate the remote control robot's motor, buzzer, and LED.

You can experience the function of each block like a game.

Of course, it also supports full-fledged programming.

The created program can be operated by the application + robot, or it can be written to the robot and operated by the robot alone.

Can be combined with commercially available tool kits, sensors, and servos

The remote control robot's microcomputer unit integrates all functions, including the battery.

By installing it in a commercially available work kit, you can make the work kit compatible with remote control operation and programming.

Robot battle with your friends with the joystick remote control (optional) for battle

A dedicated joystick remote control is available as an option for the remote control robot.

The analog remote control supports smooth operation with a joystick and up to 3 battles.

The image is a prototype.

please note!

*Batteries are not included. Please prepare separately.

Basic specifications [Built-in microcomputer] Arduino Nano compatible ATmega328, 16Mhz, 32kb ROM, 2kb RAM, 5V VC [Peripheral functions] Infrared receiver, LED, buzzer [Interface] USB miniB, DC motor output x 2 [Power supply] AA alkaline or nickel Hydrogen battery x3 *Not included, please prepare separately. [Programming environment] Dedicated application (supported OS Windows) or Arduino IDE (supported OS Windows, MAC OS, etc.) [Driver] DC motor x 2, ball caster [Body dimensions] 80x72x60 mm [Weight] Approx. 110g [Accessories] Remote control , instruction manual, printed cardboard for case [Operating temperature] 0 to 40°C (no condensation) [Country of origin] Made in Japan

?——— Notes on handling this product ——— ・This product is for hobby use. For personal use only, not for commercial use without the permission of the copyright holder.・The performance of the listed parts is the performance of the parts themselves, and does not guarantee the product life.・Depending on your PC and OS environment, you may not be able to use all functions.・A separate internet environment is required to install the application software.・Depending on some applications, the functions of this product may not be available.・If the customer suffers damages due to reasons attributable to our company in relation to the production/use of this kit, we will compensate for the damages up to the sales price only for direct damages, and in any case, damages exceeding the sales price. shall not compensate for・Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement. Thank you for your understanding.

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