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ADMU32F WiFi compatible! Expand your robot/work kit! Multifunctional remote control board "Duke32AIO"

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Title: ADMU32F


2020/06/05 release

The multi-function remote control board " Duke32AIO " is an expansion board that adopts the standard ESP-WROOM-32 wireless module and enables wireless remote control of various motor drive kits . The size conforms to the Tamiya universal plate. By incorporating it into an existing motor-driven robot, you can expand functions that increase fun, such as servo motors and full-color serial LEDs . It has a wide variety of external interfaces, and is equipped with a Grove-compatible expansion port that allows you to use a variety of Grove-compatible sensors through I?C communication. Programming is possible with the free scratch-based programming app " Tsukurutchi " and ArduinoIDE. A multi-function board that connects wirelessly, expands functions, and can be programmed.

Product application

・Expansion of existing robots and work kits ・Remote control support via WiFi ・Extension of servo motor and serial LED functions ・Sensors installed with Grove terminals ・Programming operations using scratch apps etc...

Product features

・Compatible with various motor drive kits! Versatile wireless remote expansion board! Compatible with Tamiya universal plate, wireless remote control of many motor drive kits. You can easily expand the functions that increase the fun, such as servo motors and full-color serial LEDs.

(The image is a usage example. A robot kit is not included with this product. A prototype is used.)

・Equipped with abundant external interfaces! Equipped with a Grove compatible terminal! A variety of external interfaces can be installed on the board, and illumination functions such as servo motors and full-color serial LEDs can be implemented. In addition, a Grove-compatible expansion port is also installed, ensuring expandability through I?C communication, and a wide variety of Grove-compatible sensors can be used.

Use reliable ESP32 module! Equipped with ESP-WROOM-32, which has a 32-bit dual-core MCU that supports WiFi and supports programming applications with a wealth of information . As a standard module, it has a large amount of information and is compatible with programming applications. It is possible to program with the free scratch-based programming application "Tsukurutchi" or ArduinoIDE.

What is "Tsukurutchi"? "Tsukurutchi" is a real-time graphical robot programming tool that supports various hardware. Robot movements can be programmed by simply arranging blocks with a mouse, and the created program can be executed immediately, or saved in the robot for automatic movement.

Product producer introduction ThousanDIY: Masao Yamazaki Electronic circuit design engineer. After engaging in mass production design work at an electrical appliance manufacturer, he moved to a semiconductor design company and was in charge of functional evaluation and product analysis. Since 2016, he has been operating the electronic work site "ThousanDIY". From 2018, Kogakusha's monthly IO will disassemble the "100 yen shop" gadget! ” is being serialized.

please note! General knowledge of electronic work and electronic circuits is required to use this product. (*USB cable is not included.)

Basic specifications [Microcomputer] ESP-WROOM-32 [Motor driver] L293D [External interface] DC motor output x 2 (terminal terminal), servo motor output x 2 (2.54 mm 3P pin header), digital I/O x 4 (Grove connector x 2), Analog input x 2 (Grove connector x 1) Serial LED output (NeoPixel) x 1 (2.54 mm 3P pin header), I?C (Grove connector) x 1, UART (Grove connector) x 1, USB (MicroB) x 1 [Power supply] USB power supply / for motor External power supply terminal (4.5~6V) (2 power supplies required) *Caution! For the power supply voltage to be connected to the external power supply terminal for the motor, check the rated voltage of the DC motor and servo motor, and connect the appropriate power supply voltage. If you do not use an appropriate power supply voltage, it may cause malfunction or failure of the DC motor or servo motor. Never connect a voltage exceeding DC6V to the external power supply terminal for the motor. It will be the cause of the failure. [Programming environment] Dedicated application (supported OS Windows) or Arduino IDE (supported OS Windows, MAC OS, etc.) [Body weight] Approx. thing)

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