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ADRPM1903 GPS expansion board for Raspberry Pi "GPSCAP"

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Title: ADRPM1903P Assembled

The highly popular GPS expansion board is back with a commentary!

"GPSCAP", a product linked with Raspberry Pi Magazine, which has become a hot topic as a board that expands the GPS function that was not likely to exist in the past, has been renewed with a web commentary! By recording GPS information on this board with various functions and combining it with the functions of the Raspberry Pi, various utilization experiments are possible. Various information such as UTC date, UTC time, latitude, longitude, altitude, number of additional satellites, and speed can be displayed on the LCD on the board, which is convenient for checking each time. Because of its portability, it fits perfectly in the official case, so it's also good to take it with you when driving or leisure as a GPS logger. In addition, on the web explanation page newly prepared for the renewal, you can thoroughly explain everything from assembly to a series of actions! We have information that even beginners can acquire GPS information. Two types of products are available: pre-assembled / kit. This product is relatively difficult to assemble, but it may be just right for testing your skills. Why don't you enjoy experimenting with a single-board computer with this expansion board that allows you to immediately prepare a multi-functional GPS terminal for different purposes than mobile phones?

This product is a renewal model of the product that was created in conjunction with the April 2017 issue of Raspberry Pi Magazine. In Mook, more polite and easy-to-read high-quality detailed commentary articles are posted.

Capture GPS satellites in combination with Raspberry Pi and catch information!

By capturing GPS satellites, GPSCAP can display position information such as latitude, longitude, and altitude, as well as UTC date, UTC time, current number of captured satellites, and speed.


Raspberry Pi turns into a GPS logger just by inserting it into the pin header !

Just plug GPSCAP into the pin header of Raspberry Pi and it works as a GPS logger! In addition to checking the route by importing the file that recorded the positioning data to Google Maps, etc., it can be used for leisure activities such as driving and mountain climbing!

Raspberry Pi genuine case perfect size!

It fits perfectly in the original Raspberry Pi case. Target model "Model B+ / 2B / 3B" (* Raspberry Pi body, case, and cables are not included with this product.)

(*It cannot be connected to the early model Raspberry Pi with RCA terminals because the parts interfere.)

Two types of sample programs, shell script and Python , are available.

A shell script and a Python sample program that can easily control the expansion board are available. In addition to acquiring positioning data, you can easily control the expansion board such as character display on the LCD, LED light emission, and switch reading.

Supervision/Technical Cooperation

Mr. Yasuyuki Onodera Majored in electronic engineering and is active in writing many books on electronic work for various seminars, electronic work magazines, transistor technology, etc. He has a good reputation for his development ability based on logical thinking.

Software, Acquisition Instructions, etc.

Please check the information site of Mr. Yasuyuki Onodera, the developer, for software and acquisition explanations.

[ e Denshi Koubou ]

Completion basic specifications [Compatible models] Raspberry Pi Model B+ / Raspberry Pi 2 Model B / Raspberry Pi 3 Model B & B+ [GPS module] GPS module: GAM-2107-MTR [Backup battery] CR2032 (CR2032 battery is not included in this product) (Not included. Please purchase separately) [Body dimensions] H15xW65xD56mm (including support) [Completed weight] Approx. Thing) [Country of origin] Made in Japan

Individual specifications [Parts set accessories] Parts list 1 copy (Raspberry Pi main unit is not included) [Assembled accessories] Parts list 1 copy Warranty card 1 copy (Raspberry Pi main unit is not included) [Country of origin] Made in Japan [Assembled warranty period] 1 year from purchase

(*Raspberry Pi body, case, and cables are not included.)

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