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ADRSINS Isolated Input Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi

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English Manual page (Google translate)

The " isolated input expansion board for Raspberry Pi " is an expansion board that can insulate 5 to 24V signals and input them to the Raspberry Pi.

It was designed as a HAT (expansion board) for those who want to input signals such as PLC circuits to the Raspberry Pi.

Equipped with 4 ports that can insulate and input 5 to 24V signals.

A Euroblock is used for easy handling, and a switch and LED for input confirmation are also installed.

Information and operation samples are released as open source so that you can experiment and customize freely.

An isolated input HAT that can be easily handled was born.

Product features

・4 ports capable of isolating and inputting 5 to 24V signals

Each of the four prepared ports can insulate and input 5 to 24V signals.

It is possible to capture signals such as PLC circuits into the Raspberry Pi.

・Easily designed with Euroblock, input confirmation, bleeder resistor pin, etc.

Euroblock is adopted for each port. Each input can be confirmed with LEDs and switches.

The presence or absence of a bleeder resistor can be selected by a jumper so that it can be used with equipment that does not have a minute load contact.

・Batch management of input and output is possible by using relay HAT and stack board together.

Assign a GPIO pin so that it can be used together with a relay HAT (sold separately) that is capable of contact output.

By using a stack board (sold separately by our company), it is possible to collectively manage the input and output of circuits with different voltages with a single Raspberry Pi.

*Please be aware of GPIO pin conflicts.

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・Information is being released as open source hardware on GitHub

Board specifications and operation samples are available as open source.


please note!

Special knowledge about electronic work and electronic circuits is required to use it.


[Compatible models] Raspberry Pi B+ / 2B / 3B / 3B+ / 4

[Interface] 40-pin GPIO connector (for Raspberry Pi connection), Euroblock x4 for signal input

[Power supply] DC3.3V (supplied from Raspberry Pi)

[Insulated signal input rated voltage] DC5V~24V

[Dimensions] 65 x 56 x 20mm

[mass] Approximately 32 g

[Operating temperature] 0 to 50°C (no condensation)

[Contents] Warranty card

[Warranty period] 1 year from purchase

【Country of Origin: Japan

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