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ADRSRTC Real-time clock expansion board for Raspberry Pi

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The real-time clock expansion board for Raspberry Pi is an expansion board for adding a real-time clock (RTC) function to the Raspberry Pi (hereafter referred to as Raspberry Pi).
Provides accurate time to the Raspberry Pi even in a standalone environment without a network. It uses an RTC DS3231 with a built-in high-precision crystal oscillator, and it uses a coin battery on the board to keep the time even when the Raspberry Pi is turned off.
In addition to the RTC function, it is also equipped with an OLED display, external connector, piezoelectric buzzer, switch, LED, etc., and can be used for various purposes.

Product features

Highly accurate RTC function with DS3231

A temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) is built in to provide highly accurate time.

Using a coin battery on the board, it can keep accurate time even when the Raspberry Pi is powered off.

Abundant functions that can be linked with RTC

・OLED display (0.91 inch, 128 x 32 pixel)
・LED x 4
・Tact switch x 4
・I2C external connector (GROVE) *3.3V
・RTC backup battery holder (CR2032)
・Piezoelectric buzzer

Main use

・RTC for Raspberry Pi
・For learning Raspberry Pi ・Alarm clock (NTP compatible)
・Sensor & Logger (using GROVE terminal)

please note! General knowledge of electronic work and electronic circuits is required to use this product. (*Raspberry Pi is not included.)


[Compatible models] Raspberry Pi B+ / 2B / 3B / 3B+ / 4
[Interface] 40-pin GPIO connector, I2C external connector (GROVE), OLED display, LED x 4, tact switch x 4, piezoelectric buzzer [Power supply] DC3.3V and DC5V (supplied from Raspberry Pi), 3V (for RTC backup, CR2032 Compatible with coin-type lithium batteries)
[Dimensions] 65 x 56 x 20mm
[Weight] Approx. 25 grams *Not including lithium battery [Operating temperature] 0 to 50°C (no condensation)
[Contents] Warranty card * Lithium battery is not included [Warranty period] 1 year from purchase
【Country of Origin: Japan

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