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ADRSZEI Zero One Electronic Paper Monitor Expansion Board

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Product features

・Compact "pHAT" size

The "pHAT" size is perfect for the compact Raspberry Pi Zero and can be stacked with the Raspberry Pi Zero!

・Electronic paper (GDEH0213B1) capable of various displays can be freely rewritten.

Electronic paper is a new display medium that enables a display similar to paper.

Unlike traditional displays, e-paper does not require a backlight and can retain text and images for the rest of its life without using power.

Power is used only when switching screens, so power consumption is very low.

The GDEH0213B1 installed this time is a 2.13-inch electronic paper display.

It is particularly power efficient and has a viewing angle close to 180 degrees, making it visible even in sunlight.

Since the display is retained even if it is removed from the Raspberry Pi,

It is a perfect item for labeling, tags, and display media for smart home devices.

Bit Trade One has prepared a sample program that can create a name tag just by entering a name on Node-RED. You can use Japanese fonts built into the Raspberry Pi and output in various sizes.

You can immediately try the advantages of electronic paper that can be easily rewritten.

please note!

General knowledge of electronic work and electronic circuits is required to use this product.

(*Raspberry Pi Zero body, case and cables are not included.)

basic specifications

[Compatible models] Recommended model: Raspberry Pi Zero? WH

Compatible models: Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 / W? (v1.3,W requires soldering of GPIO pin header)

Raspberry Pi 2/3

[LED] Status x 1 (controlled by program)

[Display Dimensions] 2.13 inches

[Effective screen] 23.8 (H) × 48.55 (V) mm

[Display color] White/Black

[Screen resolution] 250 x 122 pixels

[Body dimensions] W65 x D30 x H10mm (excluding protrusions)

[body weight] about 14g

[Power supply] Powered by Raspberry Pi Zero

[Accessories] Warranty card x1

[Country of origin] Made in Japan

[Warranty period] 1 year from purchase

*Due to its characteristics, this product does not have a RUN/REBOOT switch, unlike other Zero One series products. please note that.

———Notes on handling this product———

・This product is for hobby use. For personal use only, not for commercial use without the permission of the copyright holder.

・The performance of the listed parts is the performance of the parts themselves, and does not guarantee the product life.

・Depending on your PC, Raspberry Pi and OS environment, you may not be able to use all functions.

・If the customer suffers damages due to reasons attributable to our company in relation to the production/use of this kit, we will compensate for the damages up to the sales price only for direct damages, and in any case, damages exceeding the sales price. shall not compensate for

・Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement. Thank you for your understanding.

*Raspberry Pi body, case and cables are not included.

Raspberry Pi is a registered trademark of the UK Raspberry Pi Foundation. Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Other logos, system names, and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies and trademark holders.

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