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ADSKB42H Ergo42 Single Edition 28-Key Self Made Keyboard Kit

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Release date: /2019/08/05

This kit is for those who want to make their own keyboard but are new to electronic work, those who want to make a little first, and those who want to make their own one-handed numeric keypad.

It simplifies the process of mounting a microcomputer board, which is highly difficult, and can be attached and detached like a socket, greatly reducing the risk of manufacturing mistakes. Furthermore, the left-hand keyboard layout is pre-installed in the firmware. It is also possible to proceed with creation while performing an input test each time a switch is installed.

Of course, you can freely choose the key switches and key tops, so you can enjoy the simple and minimal customizability unique to your own keyboard.

A simple and minimal self-made kit-based model with only one hand for left-handed keyboards.

Ergo42 single edition for you who want to try making it first. "Ergo42", which is touted as a standard model for self-made keyboards. While maintaining the ease of typing and customizability created by the grid arrangement, it has been simplified and reduced in cost by making it a left-handed keyboard.

This is an introductory edition aimed at a trial kit for a self-made keyboard.

In addition to pre-installed gaming layout key assignments that image FPS operations, it is a flexible model that allows you to quickly realize your ideas, such as creating shortcut keyboards for creators.

Significantly reduced production difficulty! Comes with a "soldered" microcomputer board ProMicro, easy to install just by inserting!

For beginners of electronic work, fine soldering is dangerous. Leave this to the "professionals"! The microcomputer board "Pro Micro" included in the kit has a spring pin header "soldered". Just plug it into place and it works as a keyboard.

* Buyer's soldering is required for mounting diodes and key switches.

About keyboard layout and layout change

This base kit has the initial key layout already written, but you can change the key layout by dragging and dropping with the QMK Configurator on the web browser.

About production

Click here for the build guide!

please note!

General knowledge of electronic work and electronic circuits is required to use this product. Also, key tops and key switches are not included. Please prepare what you like.

<Product specifications> Compatible interface: USB MicroB Maximum number of keys: 28 Compatible key switches: Cherry MX / Kailh Low Profile Body dimensions: 137 x D105 x H20mm Weight: Approx. 60% (non-condensing) Contents: Complete set of parts Parts list & creation manual guide 1 copy Kit repair guide 1 copy Country of origin: Made in Japan Warranty period: Only initial defects of parts are supported Operation after assembly is not covered by warranty

part name
Pro micro microcomputer board 1
diode 28
pin jack 1
Tact switch 1
USB cable 1
spacer Five
spacer Four
screw 18
rubber foot Four
round washer 2
substrate 1
Acrylic set 1

The image is from Ergo42. In SE, half of the parts are included except for the cable.

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