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[Limited quantity service] CorneCherry LED mounted [Made-to-order production about 1-2 weeks]

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Original price ¥33,000 - Original price ¥33,000
Original price ¥33,000
¥33,000 - ¥33,000
Current price ¥33,000
Title: Corne Cherry LED Mounting Service

Bit Trade One's soldering craftsmen will implement the optional LED for you!
The mounting of this LED is difficult because the surface mounting parts are manually mounted, and it is a high hurdle for beginners.
Therefore, we will sell a limited number of Corne Cherry, which is completely mounted up to the LED, only at our online shop.
The bottom LED called Underglow and the backlight LED that illuminates each key from the back are all implemented.
You can enjoy various lighting methods using the illumination function of the QMK firmware.
Some people may feel that it is a little expensive at 30,000 yen, but there are not many kits that allow you to create a fully illuminated self-made keyboard just by assembling your favorite key switches and key tops.
Why don't you use this Corne Cherry, which has become a complete body, to easily make your own supreme keyboard?

Please note the following.
・LEDs are mounted for both Underglow and backlight (54 pieces).
・As this product is made to order, it may take up to 2 weeks for delivery.
・Only the mounting of the LED is the additional content. Key tops and key switches must be prepared and assembled by the customer.
・The mounting of LEDs on this product is very delicate , and we also pay close attention to manufacturing and shipping.
When installing the key switch or key top by yourself, please check that the LED is lit first, and then proceed with caution.
・The warranty only covers initial defects . In principle, we will not be responsible for defects after production.

The following is the basic product performance (same content as normal CorneCherry)

Corne Cherry is a 42-key split keyboard with left and right separation (split type). It is a very compact and thin model that is excellent in handling and space saving. The biggest feature is that the key socket is already mounted and it can be assembled without soldering . You can now create your own keyboard just by selecting and assembling key switches and key tops as you like. This is the perfect product for those who have been interested in making their own keyboards but have been reluctant to solder.

・Compact left and right separated keyboard It is a left and right separated keyboard with column staggered arrangement of 6 horizontal x 3 vertical keys + 3 thumb keys. It has a very compact design with only 42 keys on the left and right. It is smaller than Let's Split, which is a representative of 40% separated keyboards, and is arranged like Iris without the number row. It is also characterized by thinness by mounting ProMicro on the edge.

・Just insert the key switch! Solder-free assembly possible Corne Cherry has a key socket already mounted on the board. You can easily make your own just by attaching your favorite key switches and key tops such as red axis and blue axis. You can make your own custom keyboard without soldering. Furthermore, it is possible to change the key switch easily even after assembly. Is it possible to say, ``I have an online meeting today, so let's stop the blue axis...''? *Soldering work is required when installing the LED (sold separately).

Take it off ......

Attach it ......

・Compatible with QMK firmware, with key assignment change and LED illumination* function Compatible with QMK firmware, which has become a standard in the self-made keyboard area. You can assign your favorite key assignments to all keys. Key illumination can also be controlled by attaching an optional full-color LED. Combined with the mode display by OLED, you can enjoy the distinctive decoration.

Compatible with the familiar QMK firmware!

please note! *This product is a base model. Key switches and key tops are not included.

basic specifications

<Product specifications>

Compatible interface: USB MicroB Maximum number of keys: 42 Compatible key switch: Cherry MX Body board dimensions: Approx. 140x90 mm (one side only) Weight: Approx. The weight after completion varies depending on the combination with key tops and key switches. Operating environment: Temperature: 0-45°C, Humidity 10-60% (no condensation) Contents: Complete set of parts Parts list & Web manual guide 1 copy Kit repair guide 1 copy Country of origin: Made in Japan Warranty period: Initial failure of parts Only supported Operation after assembly is not covered by warranty

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