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ADSSMG02 With renewal booklet! raspberry pi sensor board

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Title: ADSSMG02PM Assembled

Shell script magazine interlocking project 2nd! "Raspberry Pi Sensor Board" where you can learn the movement of various sensors necessary for environmental measurement with Raspberry Pi

Product features

The "Raspberry Pi Sensor Board", which allows you to learn about Raspberry Pi and sensors, has been renewed with a guidebook included!

Equipped with 3 types of environment sensors such as humidity/temperature/air pressure sensor, gas sensor, and brightness sensor, you can learn control on Raspberry Pi.

"Assembly Desk Books Vol.4", which is a booklet of the contents of the linked book, contains detailed explanations by veteran technical writer Satoshi Yoneda.

Even those who are unfamiliar with hardware control with Raspberry Pi can easily learn while having fun.

By stacking with the separately sold Raspberry Pi introductory board (ADSSMG01PM), it also functions as a powerful experimental expansion board that enables detection information display on OLED.

Sensor control, which is an essential element of Raspberry Pi IoT, is a completely understandable board.


A booklet with detailed commentary is included!

Vol.4 will appear from the popular free booklet "AssemblyDeskBooks".

This issue features a whole sensor board.

It is full of articles that you will want to use, such as experiments to detect objects that are actually approaching.

Product Features "Raspberry Pi Sensor Board" created in collaboration with Shell Script Magazine. Various sensors necessary for environmental measurement are installed for beginners who use Raspberry Pi for the first time.

Equipped with 3 standard sensors for environmental measurement Equipped with 3 types of sensors, such as a humidity and temperature/air pressure sensor, a gas sensor, and a brightness sensor, it is possible to measure various situations. A high-precision delta-sigma A/D converter is also mounted for gas sensors that can measure organic volatile gases such as ammonia, hydrogen, alcohol, CO, and methane. *The gas sensor becomes hot during use. Please be careful of burns.

Can be used with Raspberry Pi introductory board and stacking If used with Raspberry Pi introductory board (sold separately ADSSMG01 ) and stacking, it becomes a comprehensive learning board! You can efficiently learn how to control OLED displays and electronic buzzers.

Equipped with two highly expandable Grove system* compatible connectors The sensor board is equipped with two Grove system* compatible connectors, one for analog sensors and one for I2C. It is a sensor board that is ideal for prototyping based on environmental measurement results, with a design that takes advantage of expandability such as using servos, sensors, and actuators that are compatible with commercially available Grove systems. * Grove system is a registered trademark of Seeed Technology Limited.

About JP1

JP1 placed on the board is between the interrupt output of the brightness sensor and the GPIO6 of the Raspberry Pi.

Because GPIO6 is used by the tact switch (SW4) when combined with the "Raspberry Pi Starter Board" (sold separately ADSSMG01)

Depending on the usage situation, it is possible to change so that the interrupt signal is not output to GPIO6.

Basic specifications [Compatible models] Raspberry Pi Model B+ / Raspberry Pi 2 Model B / Raspberry Pi 3 Model B / Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
[Equipped sensor] Humidity temperature / atmospheric pressure sensor (BME280) / brightness sensor (VCNL4020) / gas sensor (TP-401T)
*The gas sensor becomes very hot during operation. Please be careful of burns.
[Grove connector] 2 (analog 1, I2C 1)
[External dimensions] H23xW65xD71mm (excluding protrusions)
[Weight] about 25g
[Operating environment] Temperature 0 to 45°C, Humidity 10 to 60% (no condensation)
[Country of origin] Made in Japan
[Warranty period] 1 year from purchase [Accessories] Screw set x 1 Warranty card 1 copy Booklet 1 copy (*Raspberry Pi body, case, and cables are not included.)

———Notes on handling this product———

・This product is for hobby use. Limited to personal use.

・The performance of the listed parts is the performance of the parts themselves, and does not guarantee the product life.

・Depending on your PC, Raspberry Pi and OS environment, you may not be able to use all functions.

・Depending on some applications, the functions of this product may not be available.

・This product has an exposed electronic circuit. Be careful of electric shock, and use parental supervision when children are using it.

・In the event that the customer suffers damage due to reasons attributable to our company in connection with the use of this product, we will compensate the customer for direct damage only, up to the sales price, and in any case, we will compensate the customer for damages exceeding the sales price. shall not.

・Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement. Please be forewarned.

*Raspberry Pi body, case and cables are not included.

Raspberry Pi is a registered trademark of the UK Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Grove System is a registered trademark of Seeed Technology Limited.

Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Other logos, system names, and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies and trademark holders.

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