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ADSU01 USB recording/sound source playback module

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This is a sound source playback module that is ideal for playing music and sound effects on embedded devices. By connecting via USB, you can easily capture the sound source and store up to 90 seconds in total of 4 songs in the module body, and easily output using the switch input.

There are two types available: the "sound source reproduction module" alone, which is compact in size and ideal for embedding in equipment, and the "sound source reproduction module evaluation board set" that can be used immediately by simply connecting a speaker, making it easy for anyone to use. You can enjoy sound source playback.


This is a single "sound source playback module".
Click here for the " sound source playback module evaluation board set ".

Easily play sound effects with the sound source playback module!

By installing this product in an embedded device, it is possible to easily output the desired sound.

In terms of sound quality, it has a sampling frequency of 40 kHz or higher, which is close to CD quality, and can play not only voice but also music and sound effects. It has a sound quality that can be safely recommended to users who were not satisfied with the analog sound quality of conventional sound modules. It can also be controlled from the output pin of a microcomputer, Arduino/RaspberryPi, etc., and can be controlled by switching input to stop playback, making it a sound source playback module that is safe even for beginners.

Supports various sound source formats! Easy data transfer from PC via USB connection

It supports MP3 / WAV / AIFF / OGG / FLAC as supported formats, and data can be easily transferred to the module body using a dedicated application.

* After storing the module, it becomes a unique format.

powerful editing features

The dedicated editing application is based on "Audacity", which features non-destructive sound editing, and you can easily add your own effects such as cutting out songs, cueing, fade-in, and fade-out.

No external memory required! Save the sound source in the internal flash memory!

There is no need for external memory such as SD cards or USB memory, and the sound source transferred from the PC is saved in the flash memory inside the module body.

Safe even for beginners of embedding, easy sound source playback with switch input

It is possible to stop the playback of the sound source by inputting the switch, which is safe even for beginners of embedding. It is a sound source playback module that can be controlled from the output pin of a microcomputer, Arduino/RaspberryPi, etc., and is ideal for IoT prototyping.

Ready-to-use evaluation board set available!

We have prepared an "audio playback module evaluation board set" that includes an evaluation board with an amplifier, speaker terminals/switches, etc. You can use it as a music player just by connecting the speaker and power supply.
Click here for the " sound source playback module evaluation board set " .

Sound source playback module specifications

<Audio output specifications>

・Sampling frequency: about 40kHz
・Quantization bit: 8bit
・No built-in monaural amplifier

<Input/output specifications>

・Switch input terminal 5 points ・Track 1 playback ・Track 2 playback ・Track 3 playback ・Track 4 playback/stop ・Status output 1 point ・Play status (Hi during playback, Low during stop)

<Pin arrangement>

pin number Signal name explanation I/O
1 +5V 5V input, used when power is not supplied from USB
Four STATUS Displays playback status (H during playback) O
Five STOP Stop (L active) I
6 PLAY4 Play track 4 (L active) I
7 PLAY3 3rd track playback (L active) I
8 PLAY2 Play second track (L active) I
9 PLAY1 Play first track (L active) I
12 A OUT audio output O
13 PGCs NC (for microcomputer writing) IO
14 PGDMore NC (for microcomputer writing) IO
16 VCC NC (for microcomputer writing)
17 MCLR NC (for microcomputer writing) I
18 USB5V 5V supplied from USB
19 D- USB(D-) IO
20 D+ USB(D+) IO

* 2.54mm pin spacing, 600mil pin width

Product Specifications
[Product model number] ADSU01
[JAN] 4562469770536
[Supported OS] Japanese version OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, DOS / V PC with Vista™
[Compatible models] Models that have a USB port as standard and that the computer manufacturer guarantees the operation of the USB port on the above compatible OS. (Some models are not supported.) NEC PC-9800 and PC-9821 series are not supported.
A separate internet environment is required to install the setting application software.
[Corresponding interface standard] USB 2.0 (type miniB connector) USB full speed mode
[Compatible sound source formats] MP3 / WAV / AIFF / OGG / FLAC
[Sound source playback specifications] Sampling frequency: about 40kHz / quantization bit: 8bit
[Body dimensions] 17.8W x 39.3D x 15Hmm
[Weight] about 5g
[Power supply] DC5V (USB power supply possible)
[Operating environment: temperature] 0 to 45°C, humidity 10 to 60% (no condensation)
[Country of origin] Made in Japan
[Warranty period] 6 months from purchase


USB recording/sound source playback module board: 1 unit Instruction manual: 1 copy Warranty card: 1 copy
———Notes on handling this product———
・The performance of the listed parts is the performance of the parts themselves, and does not guarantee the product life.
・Depending on the computer model and BIOS, this product may not be recognized after suspend mode.
・Depending on your PC and OS environment, you may not be able to use all functions.
・When connecting to a USB port, connect to the port on the computer itself.
・Depending on some applications, the functions of this product may not be available.
・Other product names and company names are generally registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
・Depending on the computer model and BIOS, this product may not be recognized after suspend mode (sleep mode / standby mode). In this case, remove the connected product and then connect it again.
・This product has an exposed electronic circuit. Be careful of electric shock, and use parental supervision when children are using it.
・Based on our freedom to be responsible for the use of this product, if the customer suffers damage, we will compensate the customer for direct damage only, up to the sales price, and in any case, we will compensate for damages that exceed the sales price. shall not.
・Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement. Please be forewarned.

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