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ADTCS Control your PC with just a touch! "Micro USB touch switch"

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Title: ADTCS

2020/06/05 release

" Ultra-compact USB touch switch " is a USB module that can implement an extremely small single-touch switch. You can add more switches just by sticking or fixing them. With a micro size of 25mm x 15mm x 12mm , it can be installed in various places. In order to be able to be incorporated into equipment, the exterior is completely removed, and the substrate is bare, making it an expert specification. It is possible to assign to the mouse, keyboard, and joystick buttons from the dedicated application . Depending on your ideas, you can realize interesting switch work such as desk side or hidden switch.

Product application

・Touch switches added to existing controllers and devices ・Smooth operation by assigning enter key, etc. ・Text reading by assigning page down ・Installation in narrow spaces ・Use as embedded module Etc…

Product features

Ultra-compact and lightweight touch switch! A small touch switch module that functions as a switch just by touching it . Just touch it lightly and you can switch without sound.

・Space-saving design with maximum consideration for installation The casing has been eliminated to make the most of the easy-to-handle body design of 25mm x 15mm x 12mm. You can use it in various places such as the monitor side, the back of the desk, the inside of the device, etc.

・The button changes seven times with a special tool! Operates as a mouse, keyboard, or joystick button Connects to a PC with a USB MiniB terminal, and can be assigned to behave as various buttons using a dedicated tool. All you have to do is assign your favorite functions to the mouse, keyboard, and joystick, and then it will operate as an independent button. You can improve your work efficiency by pressing enter or space, or you can read the text by page down. Create your own touch switch!

please note! This product is not casing. Please check the insulation before use.

Basic specifications [Input method] Capacitive touch sensor [Number of inputs] 1 [Input] USBmini B [Size] 25 x 15 x 12 mm [Weight] [Operating environment] Temperature 0-45°C, humidity 10-60% ( No condensation) [Warranty period] 1 year [Accessories] 1 USBminiB cable 1 warranty card

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