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b00526 GP2D12 Ranging Sensor

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Optical Sensor 10-80cm Analog Output Ranging sensor

Sharp's distance measurement sensors consist of an infrared emitter, a photodetector, and built-in signal processing circuitry.The devices are available with analog or switched outputs and include both fixed and variable distance sensors. increase. Mounting styles include 2-hole surface mount and through-hole board types. The detection distance is 4 → 550 cm. Typical applications include object detection in automation, robotics and automotive applications, contactless switching and safety applications.

Analog output type outputs a voltage that matches the distance Digital output type switches at a specified target distance Less affected by target color No additional external control circuit required

peak sensor distance 100 → 800mm
output device transceiver
Standard rise time 39ms
Standard descent time 44ms
The number of pins 3
Implementation type snap in
size 29.5 x 18.9 x 13.5mm
height 13.5mm
length 29.5mm
Operating temperature Max +60°C
Operating temperature Min -10°C
width 18.9mm
Operating temperature range -10 to +60°C

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