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In-stock items ship next business day!

b00839 TLP291 Photocoupler Infrared LED + Phototransistor 5 piece set

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Original price ¥550
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Toshiba's TLP291/TLP293 series single optocoupler with transistor output.

Photocoupler Infrared LED + Phototransistor


Mounting type Surface mount

Output device transistor

Maximum forward voltage 1.4V

Number of channels 1

4 pins

Package type SO4

Input current type DC

Standard rise time 4?s

Maximum input current 50mA

Isolation voltage 3.75 kVrms

Maximum current conversion ratio 400%

Standard descent time 7?s

1 circuit

Package: SO4

IC: 50mA (max.)

CTR: 400% (max.)

Operating temperature: -55°C to +110°C

Dielectric strength BVS: 3750Vrms (@60sec)