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b00928 PIC16F1716-I/SP 8-bit Flash Microcontroller

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PIC PICR 16F Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 32MHz 14KB (8K x 14) Flash 28-SPDIP

PIC16F170x/171x microcontrollers integrate intelligent analog with low cost and eXtreme
Low power (XLP) and ideal for cost sensitive general purpose applications.

Intelligent Analog : Up to 2 op amps, up to 2 high speed comparators, up to 28 10-bit ADC input channels, up to 1 5-bit/8-bit DAC.
Configurable Logic Cells (CLC) : Create custom combinatorial and sequential logic using configurable logic cell modules. External gate and status functions can also be built into the MCU itself.
Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO) : Frequency output is adjustable in fine steps. NCOs provide high-resolution oscillator functionality for control applications such as lighting ballasts, radios, and tone generators.
Complementary Output Generator (COG) : Provides complementary waveforms with rising-edge and falling-edge deadband control, enabling high-efficiency synchronous switching without taxing the processor. The COG also features auto-shutdown and auto-start, and can interface directly with other peripherals/external inputs. It also features blanking and phase control.
Zero- Cross Detect (ZCD) : AC high-voltage zero-cross detection simplifies triac control, synchronous switching control, and timing.
Peripheral Pin Select (PPS) : Configure digital peripherals to pins via an internal multiplexer, providing layout flexibility and preventing pin overlap.


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