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b01046 PIC24FJ256GA702-I/SP Microchip Microcontroller PIC24FJ 16-bit, 28-Pin SPDIP

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PIC PICR 24F Microcontroller IC 16-Bit 32MHz 256KB (85.5K x 24) Flash 28-SPDIP

The PIC24FJ256GA700 16-bit microcontroller family introduces high-capacity Flash and SRAM memory in a small package. The device includes a hardware cryptographic module, eXtreme Low Power (XLP) technology, USB, LCD, and advanced peripherals for low-power embedded security applications and other advanced features Perfect for your application.

16-bit PIC24 CPU based on extended Harvard architecture
Maximum operating speed: 16 MIPS @ 32 MHz
8 MHz internal oscillator with 96 MHz PLL option
32-bit x 16-bit hardware divider
16 x 16-bit working register array communication: UART x 6, SPI x 4, I2C x 3
256 KB dual partition flash memory with live update capability
Built-in encryption engine
NIST standard encryption/decryption operation (no CPU intervention)
Battery-backed RAM key storage Up to 24 channels of 10/12-bit ADC (12-bit conversion rate: 200 Kbps)
10-bit DAC (update rate: 1 Msps)
3 programmable analog comparators
Charging time measurement unit (supports up to 24 channels of capacitive touch sensors)

The PIC24F 16-bit microcontrollers feature up to 256 kB of ECC Flash, 16 kB of RAM and eXtreme Low Power. It also features a 12-bit ADC @ 200 ksps, up to 14 analog inputs, 3 comparators, and a CTMU for touch applications.

Modified Harvard Architecture Maximum operating speed: 16 MIPS @ 32 MHz
8 MHz Internal Oscillator:
96 MHz PLL option Multiple clock division options Fast start-up
Architecture optimized for C compiler Software selectable 10/12-bit A/D converter with up to 14 channels:
12-bit, 200 ksps conversion speed (single sample/hold)
Sleep Mode Operation Charge Pump Supports Operation at Low AVDD Bandgap Reference Input Function Windowed Threshold Comparison Function Auto Scan Function Analog Comparator with Multiplexed Inputs x 3
LVD Interrupt Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) above/below configurable VLVD level:
Can measure capacitance and time Works in sleep mode Features of low power consumption

family name PIC24FJ
package type SPDIP
Implementation type surface mount
The number of pins 28
device core PIC24
data bus width 16bit
program memory size 256 kB
Maximum frequency 32MHz
RAM size 16 kB
Number of PWM units 1
Number of ADC channels Ten
Standard operating supply voltage 2 to 3.6V
PWM 1 (3 x 16 bits)
length 35.56mm
size 35.56 x 7.49 x 3.81mm
number of timers 1, 1 (3 x 16 bits)
PWM resolution 16bit
Number of ADC units 1
Instruction set architecture improved harvard
Number of ADCs 1 (10 x 10 bits), 1 (10 x 12 bits)
width 7.49mm
Operating temperature Min -40°C
Program memory type flash
ADC resolution 10 bit, 12 bit
height 3.81mm
time resolution 16bit
number of timers 1, 1 (3 x 16 bits)
Operating temperature Max +85°C
PWM channel 3


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