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b01253 TB6643KQ Motor Driver IC Set of 2

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Motor Driver Bi-CMOS Parallel 7-HSIP

Full bridge driver IC for DC motor
The TB6643KQ is a full-bridge driver IC for driving DC motors that employs a MOS structure for the output transistors. High thermal efficiency drive is possible by adopting low ON resistance MOS process and PWM drive system. 4 modes of forward rotation/reverse rotation/short brake/stop can be selected by two input signals IN1 and IN2. Substitute for TA8428K(O,S).

Main specifications ・Power supply voltage: 50V (max)
・Output current: 4.5A (max)
・Output ON resistance: 0.55Ω (typ)
・PWM control possible ・Forward/reverse/short brake/stop functions ・Overcurrent detection circuit (ISD)
・Overvoltage detection circuit (VSD)
・Thermal shutdown circuit (TSD)
・Low voltage detection circuit (UVLO)
・Built-in shoot-through current prevention time


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