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BFAIAS Gaming Accessory "Aim Assist"

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———Aim and shoot with microcell polymer.

Aim Assist is a simple accessory attached to a stick. By moderately suppressing the tilt of the stick, it becomes easier to perform delicate aiming in advanced game play. The material is not a general sponge, but a micro-cell polymer that is more durable and has excellent energy absorption. You'll get an extremely feel-good aiming experience. In addition, 4 regular types and 4 thin types are included in each product pack, for a total of 8. You can try various customizations according to your taste.

Product features

Not just a sponge! Highly durable and highly energy absorbing microcell polymer material adopted!

Compared to general sponges used in other companies' products, it has a fine and uniform cell structure with semi-open cells.

It uses high-performance microcell polymer, which is highly durable and highly energy-absorbing, and has a high-density, extremely fine and uniform cell structure that achieves excellent aiming sensation. (compared to common sponge products)

The soft and uniform material smoothly follows any movement up, down, left, or right, and the moderate physical resistance suppresses tilt, making delicate aiming operations much easier!

2 sizes included! A reliable pack containing 4 each of the regular model and the thin model!

Regular size and thin size are available.

Both are Nintendo Switch Joy-Con / Nintendo Switch Pro controllers

In addition to XBOX one/PS4, it supports controllers with various analog sticks.

In addition, it is a large-capacity pack of 8 pieces, 4 pieces each, so you can rest assured even if it is lost or damaged.


[Compatible models] Controllers with analog sticks such as XBOX ONE controller / PS4 controller / Nintendo Switch Pro controller / Nintendo Switch Joycon [Set contents] Regular model 1 set (4PCS), thin model 1 set (4PCS) [Country of origin] Japan Made

Precautions for use ・It is a polymer product. Do not use excessive force to attach or detach the product, or pull it.・Other product names and company names are generally registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.・Although it is a general-purpose product, it may not be compatible depending on the specifications of the controller you are using.・Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement. Please note.

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