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BFGPR Grips for Gaming Mouse Grip Seal

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Title: BFGPRGMP Strong Type

———This grip is the key to victory.

Three completely different tactile sensations with outstanding characteristics.

Three types of multi-layer seals using various materials have different textures and characteristics.

Each approach has only one goal, the best grip for you.

Find the best "Grips" for yourself.

Customizability created by flexibility and " gamer style " cut.

Assuming adhesion to an R curved surface, the stickers are cut in various ways to fit the mouse, and can be freely pasted using their flexibility.

The seal shape that incorporates the opinions of gamers can be used in various patterns. Customize your mouse to suit you.

Three types of cuts are common

BFGPRGMP Strong Model

Exceptional feeling created by the ultra-thin 0.2mm minute microdot pattern.

A microdot pattern that creates a solid grip on the 0.2o chloroprene layer, which is the thinnest in the series. Enjoy the direct operation feeling.

The feel of the royal road is a good feeling from many players.

A certain level up, in your hand.

<Product specifications>

Color: Black

・Materials: Chloroprene-based synthetic rubber, adhesive material

・Thickness: about 0.2mm

·Country of Origin: Japan

BFGPRGMK Hard/Strong Model

The feel of silicon that sticks to it. The mouse is now part of your hand.

Many players are captivated by the unique feeling of spraying silicon material on the glass cloth. Great product for dry skin players.

You should experience this new sensation grip that combines high-level flexibility, adsorption, and durability.

<Product specifications>

Color: White ・Materials: Silicone resin, glass cloth, silicone adhesive ・Thickness: Approx. 0.3mm ・Country of origin: Japan

BFGPRCSQ Extra Strong Model

The unevenness creates a high-dimensional fusion of breathability and grip.

Its characteristic that already draws a line from its appearance, the silicon ball catches your hand and does not let go.

Its characteristics of maintaining breathability while gripping bring about comfortable play even in hard play.

Unique yet reliable performance will pierce your taste.

<Product specifications>

Color: White ・Material: Silicone resin, silicone-based adhesive ・Thickness: Approx. 0.7mm ・Country of origin: Japan

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