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BFMFS40C Mobile Battery Fitting Sheet Boku mo GO! Short BFMFS40C

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Perfect for smartphone games that consume a lot of power!

Mobile Battery Fitting Sheet Boku mo GO!


Smartphones and mobile batteries are always good friends! I'm GO! and you're GO!?

Mobile Battery Fitting Sheet Boku mo GO! is a self-adhesive sheet made of a special jelly-like elastomer resin that smartly and strongly combines smartphones and mobile batteries.

A general rubber band will block the touch panel, but this product can be used without blocking the operation part, so it does not interfere with game play.
In addition, unlike fixing with a commercially available silicon rubber band, it prevents scratches when stacking a smartphone and a mobile battery.

1mm thin smart combination

Ultra-thin clear type with a thickness of 1 mm that you will forget to put it on.
This sheet does not contain oil or glue, does not easily leave sticky marks, and does not cause discoloration or deterioration on the sticking surface.
When the adhesive strength is reduced, washing with water will restore the adhesive strength as usual.

3 sizes to choose from depending on battery size
We have prepared 3 sizes that you can choose according to your mobile battery, from a long size of 100mm to a short size of 40mm.

The type with the highest adhesive performance that can be used as is for iPhones, etc.

A type that demonstrates power in combination with a general smartphone and a mobile battery

Small type that can be used as it is for combination with a small mobile battery
*This page is "Short".

how to use

Thoroughly remove dirt such as dust and oil on both sides of the device to be installed.
There is a protective sheet on both sides, so peel off one side and stick it on the target device while paying attention to air bubbles.
After pasting, peel off the remaining protective sheet and attach it to the other device.
Please wash with water when the adhesive strength decreases.

Product Specifications

Product name: Mobile battery fitting sheet Boku mo GO! short
Product model number: BFMFS40C
JAN code: 4562469770710
Size: W50 x D40 x H1mm 1 sheet Material: Elastomer-based self-adhesive sheet, protective film on both sides (peeled off when used)

Working temperature: -30~80℃
Country of origin MADE IN JAPAN

please note

A smartphone and mobile battery are not attached to the product.
When removing, do not apply force and slowly peel off. The equipment may be damaged.
Please stop using when the adhesive strength decreases.
Be sure to hold both devices when handling. Never use only one side.
It may turn yellow, but it does not affect the adhesive performance.
We are not responsible for any damage or drop of equipment.
Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement. Thank you for your understanding.

*This product will be delivered by regular mail.
Please note that the normal shipping fee will be charged if it is bundled with other products.

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