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BFSK high-performance non-slip sheet "Slip killer"

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Title: BFSKGEN general-purpose type

Release date: 2019/05/24

You can't let go of this grip feeling.

A non-slip sheet that uses a high-performance microcell polymer sheet with a high-density, extremely fine, and uniform cell structure. By pasting it on a large device such as a keyboard, it exhibits a strong anti-slip effect regardless of the front, back, left, or right. In addition, high shock absorption performance leads to a sense of stability when typing. There is no doubt that it will dramatically improve your QoT (Quality of Typing).

Non-slip seat supports your play

A highly functional non-slip sheet that uses a microcell polymer sheet. Adopts high-performance materials with high density, extremely fine and uniform cell structure.

Prevents keyboard/arcade sticks from slipping and improves play feel!

The strong grip performance and excellent shock absorption ability improve the keyboard's anti-slip and typing feel. It is a general-purpose type that can be used widely, so it is the best match for players who emphasize play feel by absorbing the impact of controllers such as arcade sticks.

To improve the keystroke feeling of the keyboard!

It also has excellent energy absorption, so the keystroke feeling of the keyboard is also improved! Provides a high quality feel.

Bitfellows Gaming Keyboard BFKB109UP1/92UP2 Special Design and Widely Usable General-Purpose Type Available

UP1/UP2 dedicated type Model number: BFSKUP

General-purpose type Model number: BFSKGEN

How to use 1. Remove moisture, oil, and dust from the bottom of the keyboard in advance. 2. Remove the protective paper on the back and stick it on the bottom of the keyboard. <Product Specifications> Color: Black ・Material: Microcell polymer sheet, adhesive ・Thickness: 2mm ・Country of origin: Japan Precautions for use ・Please be careful when pasting due to the strong adhesive surface.・Remove water, oil, and dust from the adhesive surface.・Apply so that no air remains on the adhesive surface.・Do not use on uneven or rough surfaces.・Long-term use may leave residue on the bottom of the keyboard or damage the paint.・Depending on the surface specifications of your keyboard, it may not be compatible.・Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement. Please note.

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