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BTIC2 Low-latency interface converter Changer-kun

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Convert heavy duty industrial footswitches and more into macro activation devices!

Low-latency interface converter with 1000Hz operation "Karu-kun"

The cheap USB footswitch, which has a reputation for low durability, is no more. Have you ever wanted to use commercially available heavy-duty industrial footswitches or smooth footswitches used for playing musical instruments on your computer?

This product is equipped with two 3.5mm diameter mini jacks, which is a general interface for external switches, and can connect up to two various external switches (input devices) such as commercially available robust industrial footswitches and music footswitches. It is an interface conversion device that can perform button input and macro activation on a PC with low latency.

With a compact body, it is possible to combine gamepad/mouse/keyboard input in addition to single key operation, and make complex operation settings into macros and execute them by combining long and short switch presses like Morse code. .

In addition, the created macro is saved in the main unit by flash memory, and after the setting is completed, it can be operated on other OS such as Android 5.0 or later and MacOS. (When using with Android, a host conversion adapter is required.)

Not just a footswitch! Easily connect various switches and convert to a digital interface

In addition to footswitches, various commercially available switches such as special point touch switches and ribbon switches that operate with a 3.5mm mini jack can be converted to a digital interface according to the user's condition and used. (For 6.3mm plug, a separate conversion adapter is required.)

I play an active part in such a scene

A footswitch is added to the foot, and it boasts a quick response speed and macro construction function with USB 2.0 full speed that is impossible with a cheap USB footswitch. Assign shortcut keys from "Grenade" assignment to "Crouching"! It plays an active role as an auxiliary input device such as a video shooting queue during the game.

Full speed USB 1000 report rate

Inexpensive USB footswitches may not accept quick inputs due to their rate and processing speed, but "Karu-kun" achieves a report rate of 1000Hz compared to the report rate of 125Hz of normal USB devices by USB full-speed connection, which is the top level. We are proud of our ability to transmit information.

Hardware keyboard emulation achieves high compatibility with applications

By recognizing it as a USB composite device, this product will be recognized as a keyboard/mouse/gamepad from the connected PC. Keyscript transmission is processed as composite device keyboard signals and processed as key scan code input from a USB keyboard. It boasts outstanding compatibility within games and other applications compared to software-based macro operations, which previously had problems with key bindings in games.

Mega shock! ! Built-in 16 megabit (2MB) flash memory

As a feature of this product, by installing a 16Mbit (2MB) flash memory in the main unit, it is possible to save the setting contents and macro operations created in the main unit. As a result, even if this product is connected to another PC, there is no need to install a driver, just inserting the connector into the USB port of the PC and it can be used as it is regardless of the machine.

Equipped with a powerful macro creation function, you can record even complex key operations while executing them.

The built-in flash memory allows recording and execution of macros. The maximum number of macro registration slots is 120, and keyboard, mouse, and gamepad device operations can be mixed.

In addition to step input, macro creation is possible with real-time recording

In addition to conventional step input, macro creation is equipped with a creation function that records actual key operations in real time and saves them as macros, and it is possible to record complex key inputs including timing. Of course, you can freely edit after recording.

Morse code pattern input is supported, and various actions can be input with a single switch.

In addition to normal button input, macro playback also supports pattern input that allows you to perform various actions by combining long and short switch input patterns like Morse code, realizing a variety of actions with a single foot switch. . 64 patterns can be recorded in the main unit. Of course, when you connect two switches, you can use one for simple macro playback and the other for pattern input.

Usable switch plug

3.5mm mini plug monaural If you use a conversion adapter, you can also use the following types that are common for musical instrument performances and DTP.
6.3mm standard phone plug monaural (requires conversion adapter)

Product Specifications
[Model number] BTIC2
[JAN] 4562469770673
[Supported OS] Japanese version OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 7, Windows 7, Windows 7, Vista™ installed DOS / V PC or below OS models can be used after setting the main unit with the above Windows OS. Android 5.0 or later Switch Access compatible (host cable required for connection), MacOS X 10.10 or later Switch Control compatible Models for which operation is guaranteed. (Some models are not supported.) NEC PC-9800 and PC-9821 series are not supported. A separate internet environment is required to install the setting application software.
[Supported USB interface standard] USB 2.0 full speed [Number of buttons] 2 [Number of switch mounting plugs] φ3.5mm mini plug jack x 2
[Body dimensions] W80 x D30 x H12mm (including protrusions)
[Weight] about 17g
[Connector] USB2.0 TypeA
[Other functions] Works with a standard driver.
[power supply] USB bus power [power supply voltage] 5.0V
[Operating environment] Temperature 0-45°C, Humidity 10-60% (no condensation) [Accessories] 1 instruction manual, 1 warranty [Country of origin] Made in Japan
[Warranty period] 1 year from purchase
———Notes on handling this product———
・Footswitches and buttons are not included with this product. Please use a commercially available 3.5mm plug compatible switch.
・This product is intended for communication and operation of environment control system (ECS), personal computer, etc. Do not use for devices related to life support such as nurse calls.
・The performance of the listed parts is the performance of the parts themselves, and does not guarantee the product life.
・Depending on your PC and OS environment, you may not be able to use all functions.
・When connecting to a USB port, connect to the port on the computer itself.
・Depending on some applications, the functions of this product may not be available.
・Other product names and company names are generally registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
・Depending on the computer model and BIOS, commands (BIOS settings, SCSI board settings, etc.) cannot be executed before Windows starts.
・Depending on the computer model and BIOS, it may not be recognized as a USB keyboard after suspend mode (sleep mode / standby mode).
・Special functions (screen brightness adjustment, volume up/down, etc.) pre-assigned to the function keys of notebook computers and manufacturers' genuine keyboards cannot be operated from this product.

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