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BTIRSW Infrared remote control interface conversion device "Remote Kaeru-kun"

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"Remote Kaeru-kun" is an interface conversion device equipped with a high-performance 32-bit microcomputer that transmits infrared remote control signals learned using high-quality switches and buttons for industrial and music applications.

After setting, it can be operated independently without a PC by USB power supply, and it is possible to operate home appliances such as TVs and air conditioners by using up to two switches and buttons on the market such as foot switches and hand switches.

It can be used in a variety of ways, such as controlling home appliances in the entire room from the switch attached to the bed, or simultaneously operating remote-controlled devices with a single button. By combining patterns, various operations such as power ON/OFF can be realized.

It comes with a long cable and small housing infrared module for easy handling, so you can install it freely.

Product features

・Record and send the received infrared signal as it is! Upgraded send functionality

In conventional products, the method of "code analysis of the received infrared signal" → "restore the code and send" was performed, but this product makes full use of the power of the high-performance 32-bit microcomputer to By recording and transmitting the signal as it is, various signals can be transmitted regardless of the infrared code.

・Any infrared remote control signal can be sent by external switch input (up to 2 switches can be connected)

It is possible to use up to two high-quality commercially available switches for industrial and music use as remote control switches and buttons.

By sending remote control signals learned in advance, it is possible to operate general home appliances such as TVs and air conditioners using foot switches and hand switches.

・Comes with a small external infrared module that is easy to handle

A small infrared transmission/reception module is included, and a long cable with a length of 1,500 mm enables free layout regardless of the installation location of the main unit.

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Customization tool for Windows

Released a customization tool that allows you to set the operation corresponding to switch input and infrared transmission and reception (Windows only)

You can easily operate this product without any special knowledge.

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・Stand- alone operation possible with USB power supply!

By installing a 16Mbit (2MB) flash memory in the main unit, the settings can be saved in the main unit.

As a result, even when connecting to another PC, there is no need to install a driver, and simply inserting the connector into the PC's USB port will allow it to be used as-is on any machine.

After saving the settings with the Windows setting tool, it can be operated independently without a PC by USB power supply.

- Pattern combinations are also supported, and various actions can be input!

In addition to infrared code settings, it also supports pattern input that can perform various operations such as power ON/OFF by combining long and short switch input patterns like Morse code, realizing various operations even with two switches. increase.

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・Available switch plugs

please note!

This product does not come with a switch button for input. Please use a commercially available 3.5mm plug compatible switch.

3.5mm mini plug monaural

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If you use a conversion adapter, you can also use the following common types for musical instrument performances, DTP, etc.

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6.3mm standard phone plug monaural (requires conversion adapter)

[Setting compatible OS] Japanese version OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, DOS/V PC with

[Setting compatible models] Models that have a USB port as standard and that the PC manufacturer guarantees the operation of the USB port on the above compatible OS. (Some models are not supported.) NEC PC-9800 and PC-9821 series are not supported.

A separate internet environment is required to install the setting application software.

[Supported USB interface standard] USB 2.0 full speed

[Input Jack]

3.5mm stereo jack x1 for switch connection (up to 2 switches can be used with the included conversion cable)

3.5mm jack x1 for infrared transceiver module connection

[Body dimensions] W80 x D30 x H12mm (including protrusions)

[body weight] about 17g

[Connector] USB2.0 TypeA

[Other functions] Works with a standard driver

[Power supply] USB bus power (Independent operation possible with external USB power supply)

[Power supply voltage] 5.0V

[Operating environment] Temperature 0 to 45°C, Humidity 10 to 60% (no condensation)

[Accessories] Infrared transmission/reception module 1PCS Switch conversion cable 1PCS Instruction manual 1 copy Warranty card 1 copy

[Country of origin] Made in Japan

[Warranty period] 1 year from purchase

Remote changing kun pdf pamphlet

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