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BTKB91WP Waterproof and dustproof keyboard BTKB91WP

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"BTKB91WP" is an IP68 compliant waterproof and dustproof keyboard that is intended for use in the field such as factories and hospitals.

It can be used in various environments without sacrificing its functionality.

The surface made of silicon material can be cleaned with a wet tissue containing rubbing alcohol and washed with water, so you can use it cleanly and hygienically.

The compact design that does not get in the way is equipped with a pointing device, so you can perform basic PC operations even in places where a mouse cannot be used.

Equipped with useful functions such as a key top backlight that can be used in dark places and a keyboard on/off function.

・Environments where there is a lot of dust, dust, powder, etc. ・Environments near water ・Environments requiring high hygiene standards (hospitals, etc.)
・Environment used by an unspecified number of people
<br data-mce-fragment="1">A reliable keyboard that is ideal for such adverse conditions.

Product features

IEC60529 standard compliant, IP68 standard compliant keyboard with dustproof and waterproof design

It can be used in factories, construction sites, hospitals, public facilities, etc. without worrying about dirt or water droplets.
Since the keys and the main body are integrated, there are no gaps, preventing water and dust from entering the keyboard.

 *IP68 is a standard that satisfies the requirements that "dust does not enter" and "water does not enter even if submerged continuously".

Equipped with a pointing device (equivalent to 800DPI) for space-saving operation

Equipped with a pointing device that is indispensable for mouse cursor operation.
Even if you can't use a mouse, or if the space is tight, you can use this keyboard for basic PC operations.

Wet wipes, alcohol disinfection, and water washing are also possible! sanitary keyboard

The body can withstand even submersion and can be used with wet wipes and alcohol disinfection.
It can be used hygienically even in an environment where an unspecified number of people use it.
It can also be washed with water when dirt such as powder adheres.

Can operate in a wide temperature range from minus 30 degrees to high temperature 60 degrees

Class F1, which is the most common in cold storage warehouses Compatible with temperature ranges of -20°C to -30°C Can be used in various environments from low temperatures to high temperatures of 60°C.

Equipped with a backlight for comfortable operation even in the dark

Equipped with a backlight that illuminates the characters.
The characters are easy to read and typing is easy even in the dark.
Of course, it can be turned on/off.

layout and function
<Product specifications>
[Supported OS] Japanese version OS: DOS/V PC with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista™ Models for which operation is guaranteed. (Some models are not compatible)
NEC PC-9800 and PC-9821 series are not supported.
[Corresponding interface standard] USB1.1 (type A connector)
[Key switch method] Conductive rubber switch [Key stroke] Approx. 2 mm
[Push characteristics] 80±20gf
[Key pitch] 19mm
[Number of keys] 91 Japanese kana notation available [Pointing device] Available (equivalent to 800 DPI) Mouse left and right click [Key backlight] Available (with ON/OFF switch)
[Key disable switch] Available [Cable length] Approx. 1.8m
[Body dimensions] W286 x D148 x H11mm
[Weight] about 600g
[Operating Environment: Temperature] -30 to 60°C
[Waterproof/dustproof standard] IP68 compliant [Power consumption] Backlight ON: +5V DC @ 250mA Backlight OFF: +5V DC @ 30mA
[Accessories] Instruction manual (warranty) 1 copy [Country of origin] Made in China
[Warranty period] 6 months from purchase

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