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KBPV60K V60 Mini TypeR DIYKit - Underglow60% Slim Keyboard Kit

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Release date: 2019/08/10

production example

V60TypeR is a keyboard-based model that smartly covers various functions handled by the Taiwanese manufacturer "KBParadice". With Underglow RGB LEDs installed as standard in a slim shape, this is the perfect kit for those who want to create a rich original keyboard.

Since it works with open source firmware, it can be programmed with tools such as QMK/TMK/TKG. You can easily adjust various settings such as key assignments and LED dimming.

60% size slim keyboard. Supports JIS and ANSI layouts.

production example

Compact size about 60% of the standard 104 keyboard. It is possible to create firmware that supports up to 64 keys and supports JIS/ANSI layout. Familiar alignments can be achieved using stabilizers or special keycaps.

Equipped with Underglow RGB LED as standard.

production example

Equipped with Underglow style LEDs that diffuse light through the bottom acrylic. Color your desk with rich light up. In addition, it is possible to attach LEDs to individual keys* (*LEDs must be purchased and soldered by the user).

Supports open source firmware that allows anyone to easily assign functions.

Supports graphical firmware programming tools such as QMK/TMK/TKG. Firmware can be created without special knowledge. Various actions can be realized with a single keyboard using the layer function.

About keyboard layout and layout change

This base kit has the initial key layout written. By programming with QMK/TMK/TKG, etc., you can assign your favorite keyboard layout.

please note!

General knowledge of electronic work and electronic circuits is required to use this product. Also, key tops and key switches are not included. Please prepare what you like. Key LED not included. If you want to use it, please prepare and implement it by yourself. The backlight LED is pre-mounted.

<Product specifications> Compatible interface: USB MiniB Maximum number of keys: 64 Compatible key switches: Cherry MX compatible Body dimensions: 291 x 100 x H40mm Weight: Approx. ~45℃, Humidity 10~60% (no condensation) Contents: Complete set of parts Parts list & creation manual guide 1 copy Kit repair guide 1 copy Country of origin: Made in Taiwan Warranty period: Only initial defects of parts are supported After assembly Operation is not guaranteed



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